What Type of Thruster to Pick

Jan 15, 2024
Julieta Chiara Pick Thrusting Dildo

Picking your ideal thrusting dildo from Velvet Thruster can be overwhelming - there are so many options! From G spot curves to ideal anal stimulation, Thruster's have one thing in common: They will thrust on until you're overflowing with pleasure!

 For context, the main differences between the Mini Thrusters & the Pre-Configured Primes is their thrusting action, flexibility, strokes per minute, and battery life.


Minis have:

  • 60 Degree bend

  • 2.4 Inches vibrating, thrusting power

  • 2.5 hours of battery life

  • 128 Strokes per minute

Primes have:

  • 90 Degree bend

  • 3.5 inches vibrating thrusting power

  • Up to 8 Hours of battery life

  • 140 Strokes per minute

Thruster Teddy 

Perhaps the flagship of Velvet Thruster, the Mini Teddy Vibrating Thrusting dildo is one of my absolute FAVORITES. I like it because the size is easy to travel with, and the size of the dildo itself is very realistic to the average person.

The thrusts feel exactly like someone fucking you, and that's the whole point: A realistic, handheld fucking machine.

This should be your first stop on your Thruster journey.

Thruster Teddy XL

If Teddy doesn't give you enough oomph in length, you can get the Teddy XL thats 10 inches long (with 6 inches of insertable shaft)! I find that with the right angle, Teddy XL will give you a more intense pounding if you're feeling ready for it.

Thruster Teddy GS

Now now... Teddy GS is my all time fucking favorite. Think the same sizing of the OG Teddy but with the PERFECT curve for your G-Spot. G-spot stimulation used to be tricky for me until I found out I needed curve + time + consistent stimulation: All thing Teddy GS is made for. I personally like to straddle Teddy GS, and let her do alllllll the work for me as I enjoy.

Again, very travel friendly with size with being 10 inches long (6 inches insertable length).

Thruster Jackie

If you still want BIGGER & BETTER from the OG models, you need Thruster's Jackie Prime! With 7 whole inches of insertable length, Jackie also bends 90 degrees, has more thrusting power, and will last a lot longer. Sexy, deep adventures? Your cervix is in for a treat.



Babe.... YOU WANT BIGGER. They got bigger. Sammi Prime is a 8 inches of insertable length, and EXTRA THICK.

Personally Sammie is super hard for me to use since it's so large - if you want a stretch & pushing the limits with size, this is your chance! I would recommend using LOTS of lube (Like slick ass, water-based Gleam) for Sammie and starting off slow with a smaller size, working your way up.


Nanci Prime

Love the Teddy GS but want a longer, more powerful ride? Nanci Prime is 7 inches of insertable length and will fuck you for longer & harder! Nanci Prime would be ideal for those that play for long, and want intense, pin-pointed stimulation to the G or P spot.



If you love the feels of textures (specifically a prominent mushroom head on a penis), Frankie Prime is your new boyfriend. Frankie's 7 Inch, ribbed shaft + thick, prominent mushroom style head can be felt with every inch of your rectum or vagina.

Given Frankie can also bend 90 degrees, get creative on your positioning whether it be suction cupped to the wall, floor, or using their accessibility handle.


Walter is the definition of anal extravaganza! While you can use all of Thruster's fucking machines anally, Walter was formulated with the perfect "pops" or "bubbles" to keep anal sensational.  

If you've tried butt plugs or anal beads, using Walter is taking that a step further by adding the consistent thrust (that can be light, or really powerful depending on your taste). Always remember to pair with a lube, and go slowwwwww (but get crazy once your booty feels ready for it).

Since it's easier to enjoy anal play with laying down, make sure to purchase with Thruster's Long Reach Handle to hold your dil comfortably. If not, have a partner gently guide the toy into your body (don't push it, let the toy thrust like it's supposed to).


1. Where to suction cup & how

In order for ANY suction cup to work, it needs to be on a flat, dry, compatible surface like tile floor, marble, slick wood, untextured walls, etc. Any texture or odd feel would break the seal you are trying to create.

If this still doesn't work, make sure to clean the base & surface you are trying to use well.

2. The smallest?

To start with is Thruster's Mini Teddy!

3. International Shipping?

Thruster ships internationally.

4. Can they be faster?

These toys are VERY FAST. 128-140 Thrusts per minute fast. Up the speed if you feel it's too slow!

Get Yours

Ready for your handheld, thrusting fuck machine? Get 20% off your Thruster using code "SEXPERT20" at checkout! Enjoy, on me!