As a sexually liberated woman, it's important to motivate those around me to feel empowered in themselves and their choices. 


When we think of all subjects that encompass sexuality, society has taught us to associate them with fear, shame, or "taboo": Something that doesn't matter, or something that we don't talk about. We have been taught to ignore our most primal instinct, while forcing ourselves to fit into a "box" of how we should navigate sex, relationships, and physical exploration.

The truth is, we are sexual beings: Our entire lives revolve around sex, pleasure, and intimacy. Our quality of life, creative energy, and relationships to ourselves and others deeply depends on how in-tune we really are with our sexual self. 

So, when did you lose your power to explore this? When did you give up your drive to live life on your terms without social bounds? 

Reclaim Your Power. 

My Mission


As humans, we deserve to embrace our sexuality and pleasure. 

We deserve to explore all the different ways to express our sexual needs in regards to relationships, specifically our connections to self and others.

We deserve to have a loving relationship with ourselves. We deserve to be confident in who we are and the connections we share. 


Growing up in a sex positive family, I was never suppressed into thinking sexuality was shameful, dirty, or wrong. On the contrary, I was raised to believe in the power of pleasure, connection, and how natural sexuality is. As I grew older and explored my own sexuality, I realized there is a deep need in my community for information, education, open conversations, and creative thinking when it comes to sexuality and sexual health. There is a even bigger need for the normalization of female sexuality. Taught by society to suppress the infinite possibilities that is female pleasure, many women turn off their confidence, urge, and openness to seeing themselves as sexual beings.

As a sexually liberated woman, it’s important to motivate those around me to feel empowered in themselves and their choices. An open book, I hope my experiences, words, and information can help validate your path. Welcome!

Explore your pleasure 

What exactly can you learn with me? 

  • How to overcome shame around sexuality

  • Different ways to achieve and explore pleasure

  • Sexual health products like lubricant, sex toys, protection, etc.

  • Modern relationship dynamics: overcoming jealousy, non-monogamy, intimate friendships.

  • Introduction to kink, BDSM: learn about respect, boundaries, intimacy, safety, and after care. 

  • Shibari: Beginners guide to traditional Japanese rope bondage for play, sex, and art.

  • Female empowerment: Learn how to overcome negative self talk, views, and own your divine feminine energy.