Reclaim Your Power.

My name is Julieta, and I believe in being your sexiest, kinkiest, most confident & empowered self.

I am a sex blogger, entrepreneur, and sex toy fanatic. A digital sex nomad, I travel the world full time with my luggage full of sex toys, connecting with folks through my adventures and advocacy for female pleasure, exploring kink, sexual health, and reclaiming your power in pleasure, life, and business.

I started my blog in 2017 as a compliment to my studies in human sexuality, and never looked back at a normal life. Working closely with adult brands and having multiple appearances as a writer, podcast guest, and interviewee, my passion has been connecting with my community.

My work extends far beyond my blog, which is my passion project. I am the CEO & founder of Chiara Collective, my digital media agency for adult brands. Helping position folks in the adult space for success, it’s been an honor bringing sex toys to the mainstream.

My Mission

Growing up in a sex positive family, I was never suppressed into thinking sexuality was shameful, dirty, or wrong. On the contrary, I was raised to believe in the power of pleasure, connection, and how natural sexuality is. As I grew older and explored my own sexuality, I realized there is a deep need in my community for information, education, open conversations, and creative thinking when it comes to sexuality and sexual health. Beyond sexuality, a deep need for those who identify as women to feel empowered in their sexuality, business, travel,

and overall independence.

I've done it all. Taken the risks. Embraced the scary shit. Now I'm here to share the journey with you.