Julieta Chiara Colombia
Julieta Chiara
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Sex Nomad.

Sex Blogger.

Digital Media CEO.

Growing up in a sex-positive family, I knew early on the importance and role sexuality had in my identity. What started off as a small sex blog to express myself, has exploded to a reality filled with full time travels, community, and plenty of orgasms. Starting a digital media biz in the process, I did what everyone said a woman couldn't do: Be a successful, sexual, boss bitch woman who lives all over the world solo -  in my words, a sex nomad.

Now, a sex nomad: What is that? I came up with this term since I couldn't find a good description for myself that fit a standard mold. I am a full-time, traveling nomad that loves sex, sexuality, and sharing that with the world - documenting the twists, turns, and adventures that come with being a sex - positive entrepreneur in the modern age.

As a sexually liberated woman, it’s important to motivate those around me to feel empowered in themselves and their choices.  An open book, I hope my experiences, words, and information can help validate your path.

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"Your Libido Called – It Wants Some Thrust"

Your pleasure, your rules.

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