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Been curious about BDSM and don’t know where to start?

What if I told you that simmering in your kinky lifestyle was just fingertips away? While that may sound foreign, I want to challenge your thinking: The thing is, kink is easy babe - you just need the tools to discover it! In my beginners course Discovering Kink, sit down and enjoy the ride as my 20+ modules teach you everything you need to know to get your kink journey started. Join me? 


A profoundly satisfying & adventurous sex life is at your fingertips.


Are you ready to meet your new, up-leveled, sexual self?

Reclaiming Your Power is easy, and I have the tools to make it monumental.


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Making the Taboo a Norm.

As a sexually liberated woman, it’s important to motivate those around me to feel empowered in themselves and their choices. Sex, and all the intricate components that make our sexuality, are as normal as breathing air. This is a safe space to be the most authentic, raw, and dynamic sexual being you were always meant to be. An open book, I hope my experiences, words, and information can help validate your path.


Listen Up

If you’re an electronic music lover, this one’s for you! These are my top 20 (now 21) songs for sex that make thumping, bumping, and spanking that much more exciting.
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