L'Acier Capo Stainless Steel Dildo Review

Dec 26, 2023
Capo Stainless Steel Dildo Julieta Chiara Lacier

When Velvet Co. told me they were releasing the world’s first stainless steel vibrating dildo line, L’Acier, I was shook.

The weight, curve, and glory of stainless steel and somehow finding the right vibe to shake my insides? I’m in. L’Acier sent me their Capo sex box gift set to deliciously indulge in.


A little about L’Acier & Capo


While many bloggers do a fabulous job at describing all product specs, I don’t try to outdo a brands description: which is the most on point. Here’s the following:  

"L'Acier introduces Capo the world's first stainless steel vibrating dildo. Capo's design is purposely shaped for pleasure and includes a strong bullet vibrator that slides inside the phallic steel shape, with 10 distinct vibration settings. The sex box gift set includes a 316 stainless steel casting, polished and machined to insert the ultra strong bullet vibe, a long reach handle, finger ring holder and charger for magnetic usb charging. These luxury adult products are shipped in a artful gift box intended for properly storing your sex toy. This buzzy and joyful set makes a great gift to yourself or your partner.” - L’Acier's website. 


I first fell in love with the packaging - the classy box Capo comes with is perfect for storage, and screams upscale vibes. At first glance, this is a pretty standard size dildo - but large if you’re a beginner. Since metal doesn’t have any give or bend, this may be a good toy for someone with some sex toy experience. The weight of Capo in my hands is almost a 50% guarantee that I’m going to have a great time, since it’s something that really works for me. The vibrations come through an insertable bullet vibe, that at first touch is also super powerful and comfortable (two toys in one? Yes).


What I really like about this set is it also comes with an accessibility handle to make sure thrusting into yourself is comfortable and comfortable to all body types. Let’s ride!


The Benefits Of Metal


Metal toys have always been a favorite of mine because of their weight and stiffness - especially for G-Spot stimulation. They provide the right pressure and pin point spots, which Capo is designed for. What is surprising is the vibrations, since traditionally vibrations through metal is really, really, really hard to achieve. In fact, I have a $5,000 24K gold vibe from Lelo that sucks super badly since you can barely feel the vibe through the metal. A waste of gold, right? It makes for a good decoration and collectors item at the very least. Since L’Acier is making big claims, I’m excited to put these vibes to the absolute test: My judgmental vagina!


Slick and Thick


When a toy has multiple components (like this ones a vibe, and insertable) I usually like to go one at a time to test the sensations.


I set up my fave masturbation vibe: Dimming the room, throwing on some fabulous techno, and getting a little towel with tools ready next to me. For today’s lubricant, I used their sister brand Gleam, a slick AF water-based lubricant.  

Let me tell you - the metal is cold AF when starting off so I dribbled Gleam onto it and rubbed it for a minute or two to warm up the dildo. When I was ready to enter myself, I was surprised at just how heavy it actually feels while inside - substantially heavier than any metal toys I have from brands like nJoy or Le Wand. This, alongside the perfect length and width, created equal and intense pressure on all areas of my vagina.

The head or curve was positioned perfectly to engage the G-spot, or internal portion of the clit around the urethral sponge. Without vibes, I took about 10 minutes to simply arouse myself with slow, gentle strokes (with handle attached to dildo) closer to the G-spot, then even explored some cervical stimulation with very slow, light thrusts. While I’ve never been too down for cervical stimulation, the round and smooth head of this dildo felt sensational and delightful.  


Stainless Steel Vibration

Turning on the vibe, I was FUCKING SHOOK at how much you could feel. Like I said above, it’s incredibly difficult to *usually* feel vibes through a metal toy - If not impossible. I could feel the entire toy vibrating inside of me, which only aroused me more - to the point where I was sensitive to the touch externally. While I was internally super stimulated, I was really feeling pulled to have some vibes on the outside since I was super satisfied with the pressure internally.  

I simply removed the bullet vibe from Capo’s base, and used it on my clitoris while giving gentle strokes with the dildo. My orgasms started rolling through, and I’m pretty sure I saw god with a few - Metal dildos and any sort of combined vibe usually send me to another dimension. The fact that L’Acier’s Capo comes with BOTH, that’s what really rocks my fucking socks off.


The Grand Finale


Through this 30-40 minute masturbation sesh, I didn’t need to apply more lube - Gleam was super slick, and lasted long on the stainless steel surface. But, I gotta give the toy more credit for making me drip like a waterfall as well - I’m glad I laid down a towel for this one!

To clean up, I sprayed my toy with Glisten, L'Acier's sister company anti-bacterial toy cleaner. This toy cleaner smells FABULOUS, like a sexy perfume (not invasively hand sanitzy vibes other brands have). I let it sit for about 5 minutes before rinsing with water, and the toys are good to go for my next round.  


Who’s this toy for?

My experience with L’Acier’s Capo was absolutely fucking fabulous if you couldn’t tell - and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves internal stimulation (or is looking to explore). As I said above, the toy is a bit larger so it may not be a beginners go to - but it can easily be worked up. I would also consider this toy to be “Staple Item”, since it has multiple uses and can pleasure you in various ways.

My next experiment is to use this in a partnered setting, and put the handle + vibes to the test - can a partner easily use this on me? Could this be a fun anal experiment? Stay tuned. You can find Capo, L’Acier’s vibrating stainless steel dil, via their beautiful new website.


xoxo - Julieta