The Beginner's Guide to Giving and Receiving Intimate Feedback

Jan 10, 2024
Giving & Receiving Sexual Feedback Julieta Chiara

Babes, my Beginners Guide to Giving & Receiving Sexual Feedback is FINALLY here!

Guiding singles and couples on having healthy, easy, and blissful feedback in their communication makes up about 80% of the work I do (that's right, the whips and chains usually come last, lol). 

Why is that? Well, communication is the BASIS of our sexuality. It's how we interact, build trust, feel connected, and express our desires with clarity: Gone are the days of just hoping and wishing our partners would read our minds when it comes to pleasure. 

Especially gone are the days where our partner does something we don't enjoy, but we don't have the bravery to give feedback: This guide makes giving feedback, and prepping you to receive it, so fucking easy. 

You can buy the full guide here for only $19.99 USD and learn more about it


Download the FREE mini guide to get a teaser of the full guide. 

Thank you for being here, babe!