Hey, I’m Julieta.
Call me crazy, but I believe you have the power to be your sexiest, kinkiest, most confident + empowered self.

Yes, YOU. If you’ve made it this far, I know you’re curious about what more lies ahead for your sexuality, pleasure, and relationships.

The thing is, our sexuality isn’t just ONE thing. It’s a multitude of complex factors that come up to make who we are, and what we want ( and NEED ) sexually.


Even better? Our sexual wants and needs continue to change throughout our lifetimes, giving us the opportunity to discover ourselves over and over again. How fucking beautiful is that?

So the better question is: How do we find out what we want & need? What we like? How to make change and explore the unknown?

- Julieta Chiara BSc(Psych)

If your sexual relationship to self & others doesn’t feel like a full body “Fuck Yes”,
we need to talk.

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So many times in life we are told to settle for “average” or even be okay with mediocrity because it’s what’s “right”.

Whatever society has told you about sex, masturbation, relationships, or pleasure - just drop it behind you like a rusty bag of potatoes.

With me, you’ll learn quickly that prioritizing your pleasure should be based off a full body FUCK YES or a full body FUCK NO, and nothing in between.

Whether you read my blog or enjoy my incredible courses, I give you the tools need to expand your mind, pleasure, and sexual satisfaction.

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You can have it all. 

We’re often told a story that we can’t have it all. That having a successful biz, life, relationship, sex-life, and experiences is hedonistic & selfish… Fuck that narrative.

You're not "weird" or "broken"

Babe, for real - every single part of you and your sexual desires are normal. I’m here to help you see that!

Embrace your kinky self.

Kink & BDSM have been brought to the mainstream, showing folks that we are all in fact - kinky. To whatever degree that may be, you’ll see that finding your kink can unleash not only sexual pleasure, but a world of self-discovery.

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