• Internal/external stimulation


    There are thousands of toys that can maximize sexual pleasure with yourself or a partner. For a VERY GENERAL overview,

    Vibrator: Used for external stimulation, usually of the clitoris, tip of penis, or other parts of the body.

    Dildo: Used for internal stimulation and come in many sizes. Usually used for vaginal penetration, anal penetration, and strap on play.

    Dual Toy: Penetration and external vibration combined, usually referred to as "rabbit". Great for ultimate stimulation of clitoris inside and out.

    Butt Plug: Toy used to stimulate anally

    Prostate Massager: Used to stimulate the prostate through an insertable toy.

  • Lubricant


    Lubricant should be used during sex or self pleasure for added comfortability, enjoyment, and durability.


    Water Based: Safe to use on silicone toys, absorbable, will need to reapply during experience. Recommended for vaginal penetration and play.  Condom compatible.

    Silicone Based: Great for long lasting play and most ideal for anal play. Not safe to use with silicone products, condom compatible.

    Hybrid: Silicone/Water based lube mix, great for non silicone toys and more absorbable. Condom compatible.

    Oil based: Long lasting and natural, but not condom compatible.

    Avoid: Non-organic Lubes with ingredients like alcohol, glycerin, or preservatives.



  • Protection




    Latex: Non-Permeable, protects against STI's and pregnancy. Some have allergies to latex.


    Non Latex: Protects against pregnancy but is permeable, not full protection against STI's, better for allergies. 


    Polyisoprene: Substitute for latex condoms, prevent pregnancy and STI's


    All condoms can be put over sex toys to be used on different partners to prevent spread of STI's.

    Dental Dams: Used to place over vulva or anus during oral sex to prevent STI's

    Latex Gloves: Can be used to protect hand during fingered penetration.

    Regular STI Testing: Should be done every 3 months, and in between new partners. 


  • Sanitation


    Boiling: Great for non battery toys like glass or silicone toys, full sterilization.

    Sanitation Products: Sprays, liquids, and foams used to clean your toys. Apply then rinse with water. 

    I recommend only using organic toy cleaners.

    UV Sterilization: As pictured, a 99.9% way of killing all bacteria, viruses, and yeast. UV light bulbs provide secure sterilization in 10 mins.

    Storage: Recommended to store in silk bags to keep off dust. Better to not let silicone toys touch each other, as touching silicone can break each other down.