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1:1 Sex & Kink Coaching is LIVE

I help women overcome boredom, blockages, and shame around sex by fostering intensive, 1:1 coaching to help them step into their juciest, kinkiest erotic lifestyle. 

Are You Living an Erotic Lifestyle?

Babe, what if I told you that your sexuality isn't limited to the bedroom.

It defines your entire life.

The way we carry ourselves in sex is the way we carry ourselves in all aspects of life.

If we are living sex lives full of boredom, frustration, and confusion -  odds are we are seeing that in many other places in our life. Perhaps you struggle to communicate with those around you, make good choices, or are always out to find that "thing".

Now, let's switch the narrative. If you embodied curiosity, confidence, and certainty in your sex life, things look very different. You're the woman who's not afraid to ask for what she wants (whether that be an orgasm or a raise), confident in her worth, and knows exactly what she  expects of the world and relationships around her.

The erotic lifestyle isn't just about empowering your bedroom shenanigans, it's about making you an absolute powerhouse in all aspects of your life.

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Sex & Kink Coaching is for You If...

  • You're ready to embody your erotic lifestyle

  • Ready to ditch sexual boredom and dive headfirst into your desires & kinks

  • Want to begin or advance your kink journey with the right tools for safe, fun, and blissful play

  • Feeling called to become a master communicator, firm in your needs, boundaries, and expectations

  • Want to feel unshakeable confidence in your body, pleasure, kink, and sexual orientation

  • Need guidance on trying all things NEW with sex, kink, toys, and experiences

  • Ready to shake off sexual shame, limiting beliefs, and societal expectations


"I started working with Julieta when I noticed I was experiencing some major mental and emotional blocks that were getting in the way of me being able to fully express myself. I was feeling unworthy, doubtful, and lacked self-confidence in my abilities to go after what I truly desired. After only a few weeks of working with her, I was able to experience some significant shifts in the way that I was interacting with others and presenting myself. I had one goal in mind... to be MAGNETIC and with Julieta's guidance, I have been able to fully embody that. Julieta is kind and compassionate, but what I truly love about her style of coaching is that she keeps things real. She doesn't tell me things I WANT to hear, she tells me things I NEED to. This is what I most appreciate about her. Straight forward and to the point. I am forever grateful for her and all she has done for me! She has helped me change my life, and I know she can support you in changing yours too!"


Weekly Meets

Live Zoom calls 1x a week for 60 Min with Julieta to identify your sex & kink goals, working through powerful modalities to reach your highest, sexual self.


Action plans, activities, and homework to push you into new ways of thinking, feeling, and embodying your erotic self


1:1 Voxer support during weekdays


Free access to Julieta's signature course "Discovering Kink" ($444 value)

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