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Zumio S Clitoral Stimulator

The Zumio clitoral stimulation has been a cult classic in my entire sex blogging career - and this is my first time reviewing it! Known to give clit stimulation lovers the ride of their life, what is it? How does it work? Is it the clit rocker all claim it is? I’m excited to dive into the Zumio S.

What’s Zumio

Zumio products are super unique in that they give ultra pin-pointed stimulation to the clitoris with quickly rotating circles from the tip (with 8 adjustable speeds). Having four models, I went with the Zumio S since it looked close to the original one I saw years ago (Zumio X), but looked like it had more “padding” on the tip for my sensitive clit.

Personally, I think the lavender color is stunning for this toy, and the design is sleek AF - it’s classy, and it’s not easy to tell it’s a sex toy. It’s about the size of an electric toothbrush, making it super easy to travel with (yas). This model is also 100% waterproof, which I prefer in case my play wants to make its way to the bathtub, shower, or hell… the ocean.

An Erogenous Zone Dream

I’m a HUGE fan of clitoral stimulation, and I will always need it to make me reach orgasm on any occasion. While clitoral stimulation is my orgasmic jam, I usually tend to go for broad stimulation, aka toys with a broader surface area so it’s not so direct on my clitoris. When stimulation is too direct, I tend to feel that weird squirm in my legs of “OMG, TOO MUCH SENSATION”. Is that why I’ve never crossed paths with the Zumio? Possibly.

Since Zumio isn’t technically a vibrator, I wanted to try it’s sensation on my erogenous zones. Clicking the “O” button to turn Zumio on, I started with the lowest setting on my earlobes and it was ahhhhmazzzzing!

Working my way down my neck and to my nipples, I love the pin-pointed stimulation that could really give an intense experience around the landscape of my body. Exploring the vulva? Let’s do it.

A Clitoral Experience

Like any toy I test, I make sure my vulva is well lubricated with a water-based lube (I love anything Intimate Earth). Turning Zumio onto it’s lowest setting, I teased around my lips to get my vulva “warmed up”. I found the feeling to be super interesting, but I didn’t know what to make of it yet.

Putting Zumio on my clitoris, I jolted immedietaly: As predicted, the pinpointed stimulation felt like too much for me. Even at its lowest setting, I wasn’t able to get into the pleasure that the toy could bring since it felt irritating. While this is my experience, please remember that I side with broader stimulation since I know for fact my clitoris is very sensitive to direct touch. This toy however, is an intense clitoral stimulation lover's dream.

Is Zumio for you?

While Zumio S did not work for my body type, I can 100% understand why it’s a die hard favorite for people all around the world. It’s sleek, great design, POWERFUL, and gives stimulation without noisy vibrations. I absolutely LOVED using Zumio S on my erogenous zones, and will continue to use it in my toolkit for sensational experiences. Thanks Zumio!

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