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You go, glen toto: Toto by Toca

Toca Toca Toca- I remember cleverly reading an email from my girl at Medamour, raving about this new line of CBD lubricant she wished to carry on her site. It caught my eye because in Spanish, Toca means “touch”, and Toto is slang for pussy in many South American countries. Having used almost every lubricant under the sun, it sounds horrible to say: not all lubes differ from each greatly, which is why I’ve moved away from doing heavy lubricant reviews.

Toca is a huge surprise to me, as they're bringing a uniqueness to the adult and wellness market that I haven’t seen in years: the brand has passion, and character. Toto is much more than a lubricant, but an experience. Combining CBD, plant power, and crystal healing: my woo woo pussy needs are absolutely intrigued. 

About toca

I had the absolute honor to hear Anne and Mauricio share their inspiration behind Toca. Very elegantly put, 

"We are plant lovers, sex lovers, and ultimately passionate about enthusiastic consent, authentic desire, and all the tools that make us more connective, fulfilled, and generous- to ourselves, our environment and each other. Our team is made up of experienced clinical herbalists, farmers, medicine makers, nutritionists, sex educators, formulators, and teachers. We believe that plant medicine acts in subtle and complex ways that provide meaningful shifts in the body so that you may facilitate your own healing and well being. 

We create organic plant extracts from high quality ingredients, using infused oils, essential oils, flower essences, stone essences, saltwater and wind. We trust the elements, the plants, and the ecologies that we live in and are designed for. We create high potency, low dose products that are formulated to create a lasting and penetrating effect on the body.”

-Visit Toca's Webpage

Toca's extensive experience with plant power and healing modalities is no joke. If there's anyone more qualified to make a top notch product like this you can slap me, because I guarantee you won’t find anyone who can top this unstoppable duo. 


The first thing Medamour and I were thrilled about was the bottle design. This is a very high end glass packaging, with bright and inviting graphic design. I love leaving this product out on my nightstand, as it’s completely appropriate without being an obvious sex product (plus multi-use, but I'll get into that later).

My favorite part of the packaging is the SPRAY NOZZLE. That’s right, no more MCT/ Coconut Oil leaking from everywhere. While I love many other brands, the packaging is a complete joke because of leakage issues meaning you can’t store them effectively. Toto has been sitting comfy in my purse most of these days, not leaking anywhere other than where I decide to spray it… wink wink. 

Dosage of CBD

One thing Anne and Mauricio stressed was the importance of having a clinically effective dose of full spectrum CBD in their lubricants. Working synergistically with botanicals and essences, this unstoppable combo is ideal for healing, enhancing, and protecting genital tissues. The CBD dosage included is effective enough to treat inflammation and discomfort associated with certain ailments, whilst promoting pleasurable sensation through increased healthy blood flow to the area. 

Exquisite Texture

When conveniently applying Toto to my vulva with its spray component, the first wonderful quality you notice is SMELL. As someone who loves essential oils, the sweet smells of sage, peppermint, and ginger jump out the most. 

The texture is substantially thinner than most MCT oil based lubricants, making it easier to work with- it’s not messy or sticky in the slightest. It's nourishing properties from Rose Hip Oil and Vitamin E ensure not only moisture to the skin, but also calm tissue irritation. It’s slick, long lasting, and absorbs into the skin- which is best for your intimate sessions. As much as we love cleanup, I would rather feel moisturized and smelling like essential oils. 

PS: For us woo woo folks, it’s crystal infused during the production process *heart swells massively*

Happy Vulva, Happy Life

To test out the effects of any lubricant, I apply onto my vulva 20 minutes before play or self play to let it fully absorb into my tissues. Applying three pumps of Toto, I made sure to rub it around my vulva and gently caressing it into my vaginal opening and canal to enjoy its full effect.

Within the first 5 minutes, I felt a warmth starting to build up in my vulva- especially around my vaginal opening. This was uniquely met with a cool sensation on the tip of my skin, and especially my clitoris, most likely from the hint of peppermint and ginger.

15 minutes in, I could feel my natural lubrications start to flow even though I hadn’t done anything to start arousing myself. This means that indeed, the clinically effective dose of CBD alongside the botanicals were doing their job. Blood flow was directing itself, stimulating genital arousal and response- You Go Glen TOTO.

Being the woo woo bitch I am, it felt only appropriate to masturbate with my rose quartz dildo and my favorite small vibe (the Lelo Lily 2). Setting the intention of taking my time with pleasure and paying attention to breath, I didn’t last too long. The intense stimulation that Toto brought me led me to a multitude of heightened orgasms within minutes of even trying to stimulate myself. Each orgasm felt like I was climbing an even higher peak of pleasure, and the vibrations radiated all through my pelvis. It’s as if Toto made me hyperaware of the sensations I was feeling, especially internally. Incredibly beneficial, I feel that sometimes we can lack sensitivity in certain parts of our vaginas and vulvas: feeling EVERYTHING was immensely powerful.

My orgasms were also incredibly organic, meaning that my pelvis was very relaxed. Many of us have orgasms by tensing our bodies or our pelvic floor muscles- while it’s still an orgasm, they are usually shorter. As Regina Thomashauer describes these orgasms, the “pussy sneeze”. A Toto assisted orgasm came on strong, but flowed long and naturally like a river. I didn’t leave my room for two hours- and that’s okay! My vulva was beyond happiness at this point. 

Additional Topical Use

Given Toto’s multitude of healing properties, I tried it out on a very severe burn I received from a motorcycle muffler. My biggest hope of Toto was that it would keep my skin flexible, as burns have a tendency to get VERY tight. Expecting Toto to burn or maybe give an adverse effect, I was pleasantly surprised. The essential oils helped calm the inflammation with a cooling effect. The tight, burnt skin slowly softened from the nourishing oil properties over the next week. Two weeks later, the skin has all peeled off, and I am shocked to see that honestly… the discoloration and scarring so far isn’t bad! I am continuing to lather Toto only my burn until it’s fully healed. 

Is Toto for Todos?

Toto is for everyone- there is no doubt. I would highly suggest Toto to those who experience sexual discomfort, as its specifically made to nourish and calm the tissues. I would also recommend it to those who want to explore new sensations, as the CBD and unique combination of oils really “warm you up", while relaxing the pelvis to give a natural, more relaxed climax. If your concern is irritation from lubricant, I would consider this to be a very safe lubricant to play with. As with any new topical, always do a patch test before play!

*MCT Oil based lubricants are NOT compatible with Latex Condoms*

Buy on Medamour

You can purchase Toto through Medamour! Don’t forget to use my code JULIETA for $10 off your purchase of $50+

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