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I get loads of messages regarding the Womanizer, so of course it needs its own blog!

With school, work, and life happening so fast- time is not something I usually have, and the womanizer understands that.  Although controversial due to its gendered name, the orgasm it delivers is still well worth your interest if you have a clitoris.

What is the womanizer?

No- it's not a vibrator! I know exactly what you're thinking- why is Julieta using it if it doesn't vibrate? I have used vibrators since the dawn of time, and have been accustomed to reaching climax from only vibrator or hand. It hasn’t been until now in my recent years that I have discovered my sexual potential, and that having an orgasm comes in many different ways. 

The Womanizer uses puffs and pressure of air to directly stimulate the clitoris, without making physical contact: You heard correctly.

Using “Pleasure Air” Technology, its a gentle but new way to reach your orgasmic potential. The newest model I use, the Womanizer Premium, also has a feature called “Smart Silence”. This means that it only send the air puffs when touching your skin, as to minimize the noise some sex toys put out. 

But how do you use it?

It took me a couple times to successfully use this toy, since the sensation was so incredibly new! After many giggles and finding the right air pressure that worked for me, we were in business. Once turned on, you gently place the silicone tip over your clitoris, where it will deliver the air puffs (you can remove these to wash after every use). The Womanizer itself is shaped perfectly so your wrist doesn't cramp while holding it, on top of having a sleek design. Sex toy or modern home decorations? Who knows!

Adjusting the intensity of the air puffs and the speed, I was a non stop giggle machine considering my clitoris had never felt such feelings. I had grown so accustomed to the aggressive rumbles of a vibrator, that I think my clitoris was confused as to what was going on…. That is until it started to feel like pure, pleasure filled gold.

No moving the toy around or maneuvering it, I just held it in place and reached orgasm in less than 8 minutes. What I loved about this orgasm was its slow burn, vs. an instant and explosive orgasm. It lasted longer, felt as if my whole body was involved, and very relaxing as well. My clitoris felt great afterwards, as sometimes vibrators can be abrasive or too stimulating. 

Who is this for

Overall, I think its essential we learn versatile ways to reach orgasm, for we can become too dependent on one product or method. Mix it up between your hands, vibrator, womanizer, or glass toys to really see how each one serves a certain purpose.

Given the gentleness of this toy, I would 100% recommend this to anyone with sexual health issues that could make vibrators painful. There is no physical touching of the clitoris, therefor protecting it and providing that gentle stimulation. The soft silicone is non-abrasive, and you can leave it in place- the less work the better sometimes!

As for the gendered name, I don't see them changing it considering the heavy branding. As well all know, there are plenty of clitoris owners who do not identify as women- and being inclusive is a must! Their new marketing around the Womanizer Duo is actually more inclusive even with the name, and shows how it can be beneficial to everyone.

If you want to give it a try, use my code JULIETA to get $10 off!

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