• Julieta Chiara

We vibe sync review


Material: Silicone

Lube?: Water based

Waterproof: yes

Charge: USB Charged

Type: Internal/external/couples

Speed patterns: 10

Rating: 9/10

When I first received this toy, I was in a little bit of disbelief- call me old school, but I had yet to try a hands free device, let alone one that you could wear during sex, control through an app or control, AND stimulate internally and externally.

That was a mouthful right?

I'll have to say, I was a little scared to try this toy and review it- from the very few reviews I read from other sex bloggers, it looked sub par- many said the motors were weak, it wasn’t comfortable, or they wouldn’t recommend it. 

I'm not sure if those women use jack hammers as vibrators, but I'm here to tell you this toy is strong, and deliciously fantastic- not just because of the amazing motors, but because of everything you can incorporate into it. 

I mean, come on- a vibrator you can wear during sex without having to give yourself carpal tunnel trying to hold it? Sign me right up.


The We Vibe is described by MedAmour as

"No two bodies are the same. Thats why We-Vibe Sync can be adjusted to a woman's unique shape. This wearable vibrator has two adjustable points to better target the G-Spot and clitoris with more or less pressure. Sync stays comfortably in place even during position changes during sex. The Sync remote control works up to 3 meters and its adjustable fit includes over ten vibration modes plus more custom vibrations possible with the We-Connect app.”

The description isn’t kidding- the clitoral stimulator and the G spot stimulator have “joints” that you can move around in order to fit your vagina- since we are all shaped differently. On top of that, once you get the perfect shape for you, it STAYS on. I tried this on while I was alone and did everything you would do, like if you were breaking in new jeans: I squatted, I lunged, I reenacted every sex position you can think of- the Sync was not gonna budge! You can see on the G Spot stimulator, or arm, that there are tiny ridges to anchor it in place comfortably- it really doesn’t feel like you have anything on which is nice. 

The charger looks like a dome, where you connect the toys magnets to the base- this means no plug ins on the actual toy. The dome cover is awesome for discretion, since it sort of looks like a diffuser. Did I mention the charge can last for hours on end? Thats a huge concern for me, since a vibrator dying mid action is one of the world's worst tragedies. 

It also comes with a small, wireless remote control. This can control the G spot arm and Clitoral arm separately, and its super convenient to switch between patterns during self pleasure or sex. My personal fave? You can go back and forth in between patters, vs having to skip through all of them again to reach your preferred setting. 

The app