Vaginal Plug? Meet G squeeze™

Vaginal plug? Yes. While we all know what a butt plug is, why not one for your pussy? While it's clear that every plug under the sun is usually related with anal stimulation, it's about time someone formulate one for vaginas. Why? It simply makes sense. The vagina has a myriad of sensitive spots, and this plug claims to hit them. My lovely friends at Peepshow Toys sent me two G squeeze™ Vaginal Plug by SquarePegToys® to try out, and see what all the hype (or fill) is about.

What is the G-Squeeze™ ?

SquarePegToys has a long history of being absolute legends in the world of silicone toys (and being the first to even make super soft, squishy silicone toys). I highly recommend you read Phallophile Reviews interview with Scott Douglas of SquarePegToys to learn more about the history of their iconic line of squishy silicone goodies. From my knowledge, the G Squeeze was 10 years in the making, and has gone through multiple versions (tested by vagina owners for feedback) to make the final product that we have today.

So I don't miss any of the important (and various) details, I have copied the product description below:

"Contoured for multi-point vaginal stimulation, the G squeeze™ by SquarePegToys is shaped to fill 'er up. SuperSoft, squeezable silicone makes G squeeze™ perfect for comfortable wear during the day, or a filling stretch during play time. It's carefully designed to fit inside the vagina, with a shorter length, versatile curve, and ergonomic anchor base.

Insert the G squeeze™ vaginal plug by folding its broad shape down the middle, then enjoy its incredibly soft silicone within. The rounded tip achieves deeper and cervical stimulation, while the bulb is made to curve around the pelvic bone inside the vagina, or deliver a thicker feel: turn the G squeeze™ 180 degrees, front or back, to experiment with different sensations!

This wearable dildo / vaginal plug can be worn discreetly, inserted to enhance clitoral stimulation or foreplay, or thrust in and out like a normal dildo."

Measurements of the G-Squeeze + Sizes

Whether you're new in insertable sex toys or someone who wants to push the limits of their body's stretch... SquarePegToys is for you. This specific line of toys comes in Small - XL, with me receiving their size small in Pink Sugar, and their size medium in Violet.

Measurements from the website:

Small: 5.2 inch maximum bulb circumference; 4.7 inches bulb circumference when squeezed; 3.5 inch neck circumference; 5.2 inches height (total length)

Medium: 6.3 inch maximum bulb circumference; 5.3 inches bulb circumference when squeezed; 3.5 inch neck circumference; 5.5 inches height (total length)

Owning various SquarePegToy anal plugs, it's no surprise that the G Squeeze is super soft, squishy, and gorgeous. I mean, the pictures say it all.

Small G Squeeze

Upon lubing up the small G Squeeze, I inserted it into myself with the indented portion facing towards my belly button. Given how squishy this silicone is, I do need a good amount of lube to slip in since there isn't a whole lot of resistance to these toys. But, that's the point: They are meant to be comfy, filling, and for long term wear if that's what you want.

With any insertable toy I like to stand up and walk around before I get down to business. The size small felt super comfortable, and TRULY acted as a plug. It stayed in nicely as I paced around my room without a chance of slipping out, and moved with every move of my own. Given its size, I could see myself completely forgetting I had it in (kind of like a menstrual cup).

Upon reading multiple reviews of this toy, it's clear some magic goes down when you masturbate with it. I am a huge advocate of kegeling while masturbating to give stronger orgasms, and the G Squeeze was the perfect accessory to grip onto while doing so. As recommended, I turned it around and inserted the ridged side backwards. By doing this, I honestly didn't notice a difference in sensation.

Many people I know (including myself) like feeling filled while masturbating but perhaps they aren't looking for thrust - which in that case, simply inserting a dildo may be uncomfortable. Why? Well, most dildos are not shaped to "fill"a vagina. The G Squeeze changed the game on that with its unique shape and one of a kind squish. It felt super comfortable, filling, and delightful to squeeze on while it gave firm pressure on my "G-Spot" or internal clitoris.

Medium G Squeeze

I would like to start by saying that if you enjoy big stretches and size, unfortunately my reviews won't be for you. I find the grand majority of "larger" sex toys to be super painful and uncomfortable for my anatomy - none the less, I decided to get crazy and give the medium a go.

The medium G Squeeze in Violet does not actually look that big - it looks pretty typical to the size, width, and even better length than most dildo insertables.

I unfortunately found it to be uncomfortable and too much of a stretch, especially at the widest point. This wide point followed by the narrow neck is essential for plugs of all kind, which is how they stay in. I was able to get it inside of me as I worked my way slowly, and got up to walk around with it as I did with the small - while it stayed in, it cervix stabbed me the entire time. Giving it one last chance, I went ahead and laid down to add a vibe to it. The larger size meant I could really feel it's ridges, and I again found it to emulate a poking/stabbing to my vagina. As with the small, I took it out and inserted the ridged side backwards to see if there was any change in sensation - it was unfortunately more uncomfortable this way.

This isn't to say that there is anything wrong with the toy, it just means it didn't work for my anatomy. Size small, we are keeping you!

The G Squeeze is Fire

For real, I love the G Squeeze in size small and I will be keeping it as a staple in my masturbation fun. The best part about this product line is not only the intention behind the product, but the inclusiveness in size to fit the needs of what each vagina owner is seeking. Molded to "plug" directly in your vagina, you can seek out a gentle fill or the stretch of your life - and we are here for it! Thank you SquarePegToys & Peepshow Toys for one of the most interesting toys I've had the pleasure of trying!

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