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uvee clean: for toy connoisseurs

Sex toys, sex toys, sex toys... I own 50+ and guess what? I have used them ALL.

A big question I get is in regards to how I keep my toys in the best shape possible. A few months ago, when my collection was smaller, I would have a day that I would deep sanitize them either through a solution or boiling, but it became to be overwhelming.

You see the thing is, just because you don't use a toy doesn't mean you shouldn't clean it. Toys, when laying around (especially without a bag) collect dust, pick up things from their environment. When using them, you may have multiple partners or maybe you aren't cleaning them correctly- which can lead to a breeding ground of bacteria. Even though I have toy cleaners like Intimate Earth's and Sliquid's for immediate cleanliness of toy after use, I like to feel secure that knowing sanitation is guaranteed- especially between partners.

MedAmour and Uvee were kind enough to send me the the UVee Home Play, which is big enough to cater to all my collection.


So..... it kills 99.9% of germs, viruses, yeasts, bacteria, ect..... all through light? Yes light. Utilizing powerful UV-C light, you can guarantee your toy is completely sanitized- and that is something I can fucking get behind. Boiling takes forever, toy cleaners alone aren't a guarantee- especially when you have multiple partners! For your safety and their's, it's important to be responsible with how you incorporate toys. When keeping as many toys as I have stowed, it's important for your safety that your toys be cleaned before used. Coined as the "World's Cleanest Orgasm", they aren't lying!

How long does it take? 10 minutes. 10 minutes and your toys are sterilized to completion! So there really isn't an excuse to why you can't throw in your toys before and after your play sessions to ensure their quality.

Use for everything!

You don't need to use the UVee for just sex toys. You can put in cell phones, makeup brushes, utensils, jewelry, literally ANYTHING you need sanitized! Which in a world full of germs, I think we can all utilize without having to use nasty chemicals to make it happen. I thought this was super awesome for my necklaces, bottle cap, and earphones, and makeup brushes!

Some other perks of UVee is that you can actually charge your toy while it's being sanitized. Since mine has 3 USB openings, I often plug in my toys there for convenience and fast charge. My Home Play comes with adjustable trays, and you can even assign a 3 key lock code so no one can utilize it without your consent.

My recommended use.

Before play, I recommend rinsing a toy with water- then putting it inside your UVee to sanitize. After use, I like to do a quick wash of my toys with a toy cleaner to get off any bodily fluids. Once that is done, I simply put the toy back into my UVee and plug in for charging if needed. In that short span of time, my toys are safe to use again and conserve their quality!

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