• Julieta Chiara

The Ultimate Sex Pack

Having a sex pack isn't a suggestion, it's an essential. While I've always had a pretty solid "To-Go" pack consisting of a toy, lube, and a few condoms... I wanted more. I decided to make the ultimate at home sex pack, or basket if you will. In the heat of the moment, I want to be able to whip out this basket and have an experience full of pleasure, sensations, and most importantly: Options. Filled to the brim with my absolute fave go-to sex products, I think you'll enjoy.

** Please note, I'm super extra and I do this for a living which is why I have a gazillion products. Picking 1-2 from each category would result in a fucking amazing sex pack.


Bella Aqua d'Amore Lubricant: MedAmour: $17.00

Suggestion: Apply 15 min before sex to absorb, don't combine with silicone toys.

Made this easier to read (screenshot from BWTP), and added some color to it.⁠ Read my review for Bella CBD Lube.

Julieta Chiara Bella CBD Lube

Uberlube Silicone-Based Lubricant: MedAmour: $18.00

Suggestion: Amazing for anal play. Read my review on Uberlube! Read my review for UberLube.

Julieta Chiara Uberlube MedAmour

GoLove CBD Water-Based Lube: MedAmour: $68.00

Suggestion: Apply 15 minutes before intercourse. My absolute favorite lube of ALL TIME. Read my review of GoLove CBD Lube! Read my review for GoLove CBD Lube.

Julieta Chiara GoLove CBD Lube MedAmour

Intimate Earth Soothe: MedAmour: $16.00

Suggestion: Great water-base for everyday play.

Julieta Chiara Intimate Earth Soothe MedAmour

Intimate Earth Defense: MedAmour: $16.50

Suggestion: Water-based. Great smell w/ antibacterial properties from tea tree oil.

Julieta Chiara Intimate Earth Defense MedAmour

Ah! Yes Water-Based Pre-Filled Applicators: Ah! Yes: $40.42

Suggestion: Internal insertion great for daily moisture or in addition to lube for sex.

Julieta Chiara Ah!yes water based applicators