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The Ultimate Sex Pack

Having a sex pack isn't a suggestion, it's an essential. While I've always had a pretty solid "To-Go" pack consisting of a toy, lube, and a few condoms... I wanted more. I decided to make the ultimate at home sex pack, or basket if you will. In the heat of the moment, I want to be able to whip out this basket and have an experience full of pleasure, sensations, and most importantly: Options. Filled to the brim with my absolute fave go-to sex products, I think you'll enjoy.

** Please note, I'm super extra and I do this for a living which is why I have a gazillion products. Picking 1-2 from each category would result in a fucking amazing sex pack.


Bella Aqua d'Amore Lubricant: MedAmour: $17.00

Suggestion: Apply 15 min before sex to absorb, don't combine with silicone toys.

Made this easier to read (screenshot from BWTP), and added some color to it.⁠ Read my review for Bella CBD Lube.

Julieta Chiara Bella CBD Lube

Uberlube Silicone-Based Lubricant: MedAmour: $18.00

Suggestion: Amazing for anal play. Read my review on Uberlube! Read my review for UberLube.

Julieta Chiara Uberlube MedAmour

GoLove CBD Water-Based Lube: MedAmour: $68.00

Suggestion: Apply 15 minutes before intercourse. My absolute favorite lube of ALL TIME. Read my review of GoLove CBD Lube! Read my review for GoLove CBD Lube.

Julieta Chiara GoLove CBD Lube MedAmour

Intimate Earth Soothe: MedAmour: $16.00

Suggestion: Great water-base for everyday play.

Julieta Chiara Intimate Earth Soothe MedAmour

Intimate Earth Defense: MedAmour: $16.50

Suggestion: Water-based. Great smell w/ antibacterial properties from tea tree oil.

Julieta Chiara Intimate Earth Defense MedAmour

Ah! Yes Water-Based Pre-Filled Applicators: Ah! Yes: $40.42

Suggestion: Internal insertion great for daily moisture or in addition to lube for sex.

Julieta Chiara Ah!yes water based applicators

Toto Organic CBD Lube (Oil-Based): Toca Botanica: $48.00

Suggestion: Amazing smell, touch, taste, and feel from CBD. Read my review of Toca, and how incredible they are! Do not combine any oil based lube with latex condoms. Read my review for Toto.

Julieta Chiara Toto CBD Lube

Qulo Organic CBD Lube (Oil-Based): Toca Botanica: $48.00

Suggestion: Same as above, with a little extra oomph for anal play and glide. Yas!

Julieta Chiara Qulo CBD Lube

*I have 3 more lubes in my pack which I cannot name since they aren't officially released yet. Heads up, they are CBD based and super fucking awesome. Yay!*


Lelo Sona Cruise: MedAmour: $125.00

Suggestion: Use in combo with slow penetration.

Lelo Sona Cruise Medamour Julieta Chiara

Thruster Mini Teddy: Velvet Co.: $166.00

Suggestion: Have your partner watch you use it, or use for DP action.

Julieta Chiara Velvet Thruster

We-Vibe Touch X: Peepshow Toys: $99.00

Suggestion: Keep it charged, you'll be using this all the time.

Julieta Chiara We-Vibe Touch x Peepshow Toys

OhMyG: Ioba Toys: $159.00

Suggestion: Great for pin-pointed, gentle to intense G-Spot stimulation. Combine with oral sex for incredible results. You can get 30% off OhMyG by using code Julieta30!

Julieta Chiara Ioba Toys OhMyG

Lelo Lily 2: MedAmour: $139.00

Suggestion: The best vibe to keep in your purse or with you at all times. Still a fave of mine after 5 years!

Julieta Chiara MedAmour Lelo Lily 2

Flexi Vibe : Kiki De Montparnasse: $135.00

Suggestion: Super flexible and bends with your body! I love hugging it against my palm. You can read my review for the Flexi Vibe which is impeccable.

Julieta Chiara Kiki De Montparnasse Flexi Vibe

Luxe Bling Plugs: Peepshow Toys: $30.99

Suggestion: Super comfy and flex butt plugs that can help you size! I still love them after so many years. Read my review on them here!

Blush Wellness Geo Silicone Cock Ring: Peepshow Toys: $9.99

Suggestion: Put around base of your partner's penis to keep the blood pumping.

Erotic Sprays

Moregasm Mist: Lovability: $12.00

F*ckboy Repellant: Lovability: $12.00

Bae Spray: Lovability: $12.00

After Dark Pheromone Parfum: Eye of Love: $24.00

Suggestion: Apply to neck and wrists.


Lovability Latex Condoms 12 pack: $15.00

Suggestions: MY FAVE CONDOMS EVER. Seriously. Vegan latex that's so slick, fits every partner, and leaves my pussy happy. The buttercup design makes it right side up, every time. Super simple to use!

Julieta Chiara Lovability Condoms

Kimono MicroThin Ultra Condoms: Peepshow Toys: $3.99

Suggestions: Great for anal!

Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms: Peepshow Toys: $3.99

Suggestions: Truly awesome for large partners.

Kimono MicroThin Textured Condoms: Peepshow Toys: $3.99

LifeStyles Skin Large Non-Latex Condoms: Peepshow Toys: $5.99

Suggestions: Great option if you're allergic to latex! Made from polyisoprene.


Intimina Accessory Cleaner: MedAmour: $10.00

Suggestion: Spray and scrub your toys with this after you're done, let air dry. Done!

Additional fun


I love incorporating light doses of psychedelics into my sensual play. I have years of experience, and know how to navigate my interactions in terms of consent & pleasure. Use at your own risk, comfort, and discernment. Of course, I will not be giving you a source on this - be resourceful, lol.

Cialis: Prescribed in USA, $20-$100 Mexico

Suggestions: Great if you've been partying and are having trouble getting or maintaining an erection. Here in Mexico we buy it at the pharmacy without a prescription, and it's good to have one incase you want it.

Olivia's Boudoir Massage Candle: MedAmour: $35.00

Suggestion: Great started to foreplay. Light it up, drip drip on your partner, and massage it in!

Enjoy, and let me know your favorites!

xoxo - Julieta

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