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The in depth nude guide: phone & Camera edition.

In the past year of my life, I have taken THOUSANDS of nude photos, sexy photos, and professional photos. It’s no secret, you can find them here on my website, my Instagram, and probably many other obscure places on the internet. While I don’t have some sort of magic degree in taking nudes, I can say.. I’m pretty fucking experienced. If I’m going to be posing and strutting the meat suit with no clothing on, it’s going to be articulated just as highly as art is. Incase you weren’t aware, I shoot 90% of my own photos from a phone, camera, and tripod + light editing. If I can do it, you can too. 

While there is definitely a certain appreciation to the traditional nude photo snap of your phone,  I’m taking you to the next level. You will be studying art history, angles, lighting, poses, and most importantly: falling in love with yourself.

Do it for You

Why take and put so much effort into nude photos? First and foremost… do it for you. If you aren’t drooling and obsessing over your own nudes, then you are missing the whole point. Don’t even consider sending your photos over to someone else until you have fully appreciated the divine, sensual creature that you are first. Your nude or “sexy “ photos can be done however you like, and wearing whatever makes you feel like a sex-pot ready to get the orgasm they deserve. 

Photographing Your Genitals.

A photo of just your genitalia is honestly not that appealing- they look like medical book photos waiting for observation. We aren't usually attracted to just the look of the genitals, but the person with them. It's the entire picture that makes an artistic, sexy, or naughty feel come together. I am telling you this now, because I'm giving you instruction on how to construct the whole photo. Yes, I'm that annoying bitch that believes in tasteful, well put together nudes because it shows effort: and you can hang them on your walls!


  • Phone with Camera

  • DSLR or Mirrorless Camera

  • Tripod for either (optional, but strongly recommend with a camera)

  • You can purchase lighting if you want to. I have this ring light that I use for Youtube videos, product shots, and of course… some nudes.

The Julieta Chiara Nudie Golden Secret: Contrapposto

I know what you came here for: the secret. How does one take the perfect nude or sexual photo? How does it all come together? History has the answer, and I will carry the legacy. 

Contrapposto, better defined as "an asymmetrical arrangement of the human figure in which the line of the arms and shoulders contrasts with, while balancing, those of the hips and legs.”, was a concept I fell in love with during high school. In my art history class, I found my favorite art piece which is Michelangelo’s David: the perfect example of Contrapposto, a stiff, marble slab somehow standing so effortlessly and relaxed for all to awe at.  

When I started modeling and doing photoshoots, I realized how stiff I originally looked in front facing or standard poses. There was no curves in my body, it looked too staged, there was no “passion” or “emotion” in how my body shot. That is until I studied Contrapposto, and apply it heavily to my current photos. It shows so much balance, flow, and a unique sensuality that can’t be achieved by stiff “power stances”. When you are standing, simply drop one of your hips to create a straight angle. Keep your waist horizontal, in the same spot. Play with your shoulders to make an even tilt to match your hip. Incorporate your hands and arms to create some motion: An instant panty dropper. 

I have put the lines that represent Contrapposto in the below photos so you can mimic them. 


Contrapposto heavily accredits its beauty to creating angles, and knowing our angles makes a huge difference in the quality of photos we shoot. When we find our angle, it’s usually the one we will gravitate towards and use to our advantage. This means playing in front of the mirror or front camera, creating shapes and different poses with your body to see what fits. 

Every body looks good in Contrapposto. When fully naked, the lips of the vulva are gloriously showcased and I highly recommend this body shot for dick pics.

Some rules of thumb in my photography are…

Upward Angle: Shooting from an upward or almost “underneath” angle is meant to ENLARGE and exaggerate what’s in front of the screen. Take for example this booty pic. You could shoot straight on, or tilt your phone underneath your ass to show the curves and size of your glorious cheeks. If naked, this is also a great opportunity to show off some tasteful side puss and lips. SHOW. THEM. CHEEKS. 

Downward Angle: Shooting from an downward angle can create amazing depth and is something I usually use to ELONGATE the body. A simple angle change like this can make the difference between a double chin or a hot, long body shot. If you want to get wild, this would be a good shot to have your hands down on your goodies, grab a titty, or use a toy on yourself. Even the smallest tilts will change dimensions, see these examples!

Create Curves: Straight lines can make a body look really stiff and tense. In more sexual poses, we usually see movement of the hands, legs, angle of the glutes, and the beautiful curve of the spine. Without any angles, the photo is painfully flat or awkward. When you are photographing yourself, use your body to create curves, peaks, and valleys: that’s the fucking beauty of the human build. *if you angle booty more towards camera, we again run into excellent pussy shots* Check out this massive difference.

Point of View:

If you're taking sexy photos, don't be afraid to mimic sexual positions or give up close and personal looks from great angles. This is also the easiest way to take naughtier nudes while still showing your entire body, I say it's like your partner gets to view you ready for action. It's really sexy and exciting, so why not.

Facial Expression:

What you do with your face might be more important and powerful than your body. My only thoughts are…be bold and look at the fucking camera. Create angles with your face by tilting to the sides, slightly up, or down- but if you can, attempt to make eye contact with the camera. They don’t call it eye-fucking for a reason, given eye contact is one of the most powerful tools of connection. 

You can create some moody photos by tilting your head to the side and looking down, or tilting you head back with eyes closed (the good old orgasm bliss pose). Depending on context, smiling can work! I prefer the close mouthed smile as it looks pretty bratty or mysterious. 

The Pout

*Totally optional* My most valued asset outside of Contrapossto is the pout. It took me FOREVER to nail the pout: they look like you are caught in a candid moment, make a serious face look mesmerizing, and exude a unique sexual energy.  Experiment with this pout, adding it into facial tilts and expressions. 

Nail It:

  1. Touch your teeth together

  2. Close your lips

  3. Inhale through your nose

  4. Exhale slowly, letting your lower lip naturally drop from your top lip.

Do something with your fucking hands:

Your hands just sitting on the side of your body don’t do much- it can make you look stiff. Your hands are there to tell a story, to tease. Use them to grip your clothing if you’re wearing any, grip different parts of your body, or place carefully on different spots to create direction for the viewers eyes. If you're getting fucking wild, place them where you would to masturbate- partners love watching you enjoy yourself.

Lighting: A few key points

  • Before you think about lighting, I advise you think about the mood you want to set. Do you want dark, sultry, and moody? Do you want bright, colorful, and vibrant? Do you want natural and effortless?

  • Natural light is nice, but not always best for nudes. Natural light provides intense detail, and can sometimes be harsh: experiment with it. If I have sun shining through windows, I will close blinds first. 

  • Play with different forms of lighting: My favorite form is using flash in a dark room. With the editing process, you can make them look like polaroids. 

  • Use your home's lighting strategically. Turn off bedroom lights and illuminate photo by leaving bathroom or hallway light on, light candles for light, etc. 

  • The ring light is bomb, there is no doubt. It can create intense or studio style light, doing an excellent job of perfecting the skin. You can also buy color filters for it to create different moods.

Shoot your shot


  • Simply shoot directly with phone in hand: Be mindful of lighting, and your angles. 

  • Set up phone against something with self timer: do realize that Phones usually flip the photos (mirror effect).

  • I recommend the 10 second option so you have time to pose and tweak yourself quickly.

  • Phone tripod: It sounds extreme, but it changes the game for your nudes. 


  • If you have a camera, the odds of you having a tripod are strong. If you don’t have one, I would highly recommend one.

  • With most of the latest camera’s, you can connect your phone via wifi/app to do remote shooting. This means you control the camera through your phone, an can set it off without having to manually do a self timer each and every time. 

  • You also have a bit more freedom to tweak lighting, options for continuous frames to be taken, and the quality is obviously a bit better depending on model!


Some people are so against editing, and I understand it: You shouldn’t manipulate yourself to the point of no recognition. I play strictly with lighting, and editing things that would usually not be on my body (think acne or injuries). Lighting makes a huge difference, and I love messing around on Lightroom or VSCO to create dramatic effects. I will have a blog on editing up soon. 

Fall In love with Yourself

Finding how to take the perfect photos of yourself will take plenty of trial and error, but for good cause. Once you find your angles, your ideal lighting, and the shots you enjoy taking most: You will be taking nudes all the time. While I am giving you some amazing tips, I will not be held responsible for your phone full of glorious, artistic, sexual photos that make you obsessed with yourself. Your partners.. well.. they are in for a jaw-dropping treat as well. 

As always, I love and care for you! Feel free to show me your finished products, so we can celebrate you together!

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