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Best Textured Butt plugs: b-Vibe

Y’all are stuck at home, we have plenty of free time... more than enough time to masturbate, and even MORE time to play with our asses.

Booty play is for everyone, as many say, an equal opportunity employer. The times have started normalizing anal play for men because of prostate pleasure, but it’s incredibly sensation for the female body as well.

Anal orgasms can be experienced by the female body, considering everything in our pelvis is pretty connected.

What exactly is an anal orgasm? It can meet different things to different people, but for myself: it's pretty fucking magical.

In fact, when I was having a ton of anal, I liked it better than vaginal. When the anal stimulation hits just right, it makes my vulva ultra sensitive, leading to clitoral and vaginal orgasms being triggered via anal stimulation alone. Anal plugs put pressure behind the vagina and add stimulation that could take you to new heights.

Certainly with this extra time, my slutty anal escapades are making a comeback.

Butt plug design

Right of the bat, I've never gotten my hands on textured plugs, let alone seen any- keep in mind, I'm 23. I haven't been around that long, sex toy experts!

I had a really great experience with b-Vibe's Anal Training Kit, so I was def eager to try these out. Opening this bundle was like opening a new world, the bumps, the swirls, the colors: my butt is VERY intrigued.

b-Vibe's collab with Zoë Ligon is nothing short of fucking cool, because these textures are so unique. I'll get to the textures individually as I stick them inside of me, but here is this for starters:

The smooth, silky silicone on plugs while still being firm is perfect for insertion: sometimes if a silicone is too squishy, it can be difficult to get inside of you.

Each plug has the ideal butt plug shape, which is starting thin and with a point, and getting thicker as you insert. The thin stems make for incredibly easy mobility, which many anal play lovers swear on for long term wear.

The flared base is also very thin, making it so it doesn't get in the way of play. This is really impressive considering these are vibrating toys- design wise, that's some tough stuff to pull off!

The size range is actually pretty significant in both girth and length (find dimensions here), especially for someone who hasn't played with their butt in a very long time. I tried some beautifully comfortable plugs a couple weeks ago, and even though there was incredible squish, the XS size was still a stretch for me.

I know, I know... we have a long way to go lol. I'm not sure if these would be good beginners plugs because of this reason, considering getting used to anal play can range for each person. 

Each plug is magnetically charged, and comes with their own little travel case (which is by far my favorite part of all of Alicia's products, so well thought out).

Bump Plug

After cleaning myself out using b-Vibe's classic enema bulb set, I was good to go. I consider this an essential step in my anal play, because it makes me feel way more comfortable.

Grabbing a water based lube, I started to play with myself via fingers first to get used to the feeling of penetration- it's been a sad, long time for this booty.  

When I felt ready to try the Bump, I put a massive amount of lube on it, and laid on my side to insert. Taking a few deep breathes, I found the bumps are so unique that my go-to position wasn't working for insertion.

I instead chose to lay on my back, legs up, and found success in this position. I could absolutely feel every bump going inside of me, in the best of ways. While I wouldn't necessarily describe it as a sphincter massage, I was still about it.

Once fully inside, I turned on the vibes and jolted: that felt ASStronomically amazing, and was already aroused from the get go. Who knew vibes this powerful could even be made for anal plugs?

I was on the lowest setting and already had my legs twitching. I'm not a pattern person, but I had to give it a go. Alicia once told me over dinner that patterns are significantly more enjoyable anally, and she was fucking right.

Just the rhythmic pulse and vibration of my ass alone was mesmerizing, so to be hedonistic, I decided to pair this pleasure with my Le Wand of the day.

Every time I accidentally contracted my pelvis or my ass, I could feel every bump inside of me. This was such a unique feeling, considering I have a very hard time feeling textures through my vagina, let alone finding any pleasure from them.

In many ways, this plug was so stimulating that any time I gave it a squeeze with my ass, it felt like I was just edging my vagina and clitoris. I could feel the orgasm was just right there, and my butt was triggering it.

The minute that wand hit my clitoris, it was game over. The orgasm started around my ass, and radiated up to my clitoris and the rest of my pelvis.

My fucking jaw dropped: it's been YEARS since I've had an anal orgasm, and it's not easy to make one happen. 15 minutes with this toy and I discover it again? Fucking amazing.

Swirl Butt Plug

It already took a little bit of effort to get bump in, so I seriously questioned if I would be able to fit Swirl inside of me. Following the same steps, I lubed up, got on my back with legs up, and took deep breathes. 

Even though Swirl was a much bigger stretch, I was able to get it in just fine and feel every ridge as I did it. This feeling was so new and delightful, and I'm so glad I got it in.

I'm not sure if it was the size change, the texture change, or both… but something fucking changed DRAMATICALLY the minute I turned the vibration on.

I didn’t stand a chance with this plug in, and I had my second anal orgasm immediately without even laying hands on my clitoris. While I didn't black out, my life kind of flashed before my eyes.

Was everything I knew about my body and my pleasure a lie?

It was super weird to experience an orgasm where all the sensation is in your ass but affects your vulva strongly. I honestly didn’t know what to do with my body as I laid there in a booty vibrating, confused trance.

Clearly, my only train of thought was... use your wand at the same time- and so I did. While it usually takes me a couple of minutes to cum again,  it was only about a 20 second rest before I came again and harder. I felt every ridge when I would squeeze, and my legs gave out.

Swirl is officially the love of my life, and the best thing I’ve ever had in my ass. 

I sat there with it in and vibrating for about 15 minutes, just trying to get back into my body and collect my thoughts.  It was so comfortable inside of me. Like, I would like to wear it, vibrating, while reading a book. It felt peaceful, like waves of positive vibes crossing through my body. 

Twist Butt Plug

Although, I had high hopes for me, I really thought this would be it, but unfortunately I could not stretch for Twist. I attempted to insert for about 20 minutes, but decided to hold off until I am more used to it. Simply put, it just isn't my time yet.

Besides, if I almost died of pleasure with the one before, who knows what will happen to me with this one. 

Best textured plugs ever 

These are the best, most pleasurable and comfortable plugs I have ever used, let alone one of the best pleasure products I have ever used.  It makes me actively want to involve these plugs in all masturbation, or maybe even day to day activities. I'm excited to try these with a partner considering they didn’t get in the way and

I loved moving around with them. Also, I low key bent over in front of the mirror to see it inside of me and... it looked really sexy!  

If you're looking to add something MAGNIFICENT to your toy box, definitely consider these plugs. Anal is for everyone, but this kind of anal play hits a magical realm: don’t cheat yourself of this experience. 

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