• Julieta Chiara

Strongest Water Based CBD Lube: GoLove

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

I've taken a huge hiatus from updating the blog on reviews, and for good reason! Spending the summer in Tulum has inspired me to step away from my website and ENJOY. Enjoying is something I'm not so good at, so, I've decided to put pleasure back into the picture by slowing the fuck down.

Masturbation? It took a back seat for a while, but getting back to it means we should do it right- with CBD.

CBD- the blessed ingredient, the magic oil, the great white buffalo of all specimens. Ever since trying my first CBD lubricant in 2017, it was clear that a new caliber of pleasure was possible for me.

Traditionally, CBD lubricant is known for its sexual healing properties such as decreasing inflammation and making sex more comfortable for those who experience pain. Aside from those properties, it massively stimulates PLEASURE.

As a Hedonistic bitch, CBD lube is my jam. 

High concentration CBD lubricant, in good quality, is especially hard to come by. Most of these lubricants come in an oil-based format, which isn’t really friendly for folks like me.

When you have multiple partners and use latex condoms, oil lubricant isn’t an option since it degrades the latex, leaving the condom at high risk of breaking.

While this isn’t a deal breaker to using these high end CBD lubricants, it’s sure sad I can’t use them every time I have sex. 

I had the pleasure to be sent GoLove CBD lubricant from MedAmour, created by sexologist & bestselling author Dr. Sadie Allison & CBD scientist John Renko B.S.E. Water-based, High AF CBD concentration (200mg/ bottle), natural ingredients, and made by experts in both fields.

Even receiving a training from the duo, I’m thankful I got more info before testing the lubricant out. 

Quality Designs for Lubricant

It was clear In our training that quality was of upmost importance when creating GoLove.

So important, that even the water sourced to create this product is deionized- do I know what that means? Nope, but it’s fancier than standard water. 

The packaging is neat and clean, which means it can fit into a variety of markets: consumers, doctors, and more. The white labeling is sleek, but most importantly, I love the pump.

CBD lubricants can tend to be messy, but the easy pump on GoLove makes it so you get just enough and don’t spill everywhere or overdo it. 

Pump up the lube

As I mentioned, I love the pump. Right off pumping some into my hand, you notice the creamy and milky color of GoLove, which is very resemblant of a females natural juices, or semen.

I personally like this quality, because then the lubricant doesn’t seem foreign to use. There is no strange smell or strong taste, which means it’s definitely not getting in the way of your play.

With one pump applied, I made sure to gently rub the lubricant into my vulva, and I usually like to slip some internally with my fingers.

The instructions as that you leave on for 15 minutes so it can “set in”, which is very much needed with CBD lubricants! You need time for the CBD to hit your bloodstream, and start producing the correct effects. 

When you actually give CBD lubricant the time to set in, you can feel its arousing effects. With GoLove it felt faster than any other I have tried, giving a warm and full feeling to my vulva. This is from stimulated blood flow, and I could feel my own lubrication kicking in as well.

CBD lube Stimulation

With GoLove stimulating my own lubrication, it was astounding how wet I was. With the Oil-based CBD lubes, they are thicker and absorb pretty quick, so reapplication happens. In this instance, I almost felt as if I was too wet- go figure!