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Straight men, anal play and Lelo Bruno Review

In a society where men get put down for exploring anything related to anal, it can be difficult for men to explore this side of their sexuality with ease. Yes, gay folks do have anal, but that doesn't mean that straight people don't. In fact, its ironic that a high percentage of straight men want anal sex from their female partners.

The thing is, you guys have a prostate- and if I had a prostate I would be stimulating it all the time. Sticking a finger into the anus, you can locate your own prostate usually 1/2 inch up moving towards your penis (it would feel like a small ball or bump). Known classically as the male G spot, its horrifying to know many men go their entire life and haven't stimulated their prostate once.... or if they did, it was a doctor doing an exam.

On MedAmour's website, I wrote a blog on the basics of prostate massage- and go into depth about what you should physically do- take a read:

To put in perspective

Listen up, and I don't care if you disagree with me on this: having an intense homophobic opinion of anal play is really just your fragile masculinity being threatened. In no way do you need to participate in anal activities, but as a society I feel its important to stop stigmatizing people for exploring their sexuality.

Whatever your sexual orientation is, anal play can be thoroughly enjoyed- and most the men I know who practice anal play are straighter than a street pole. They are confident in themselves, sure of their sexuality, and they aren't going to let anyone or anything tell them what is allowed to feel good or not in the bedroom. If you are not for anal play, that is 100% awesome as long as you don't try to shame others- as my friend says below "If it feels good, do it. If not, then don't".

If you're interested in exploring anal play, bring it up to your partner! Whether it be a prostate massage from your girlfriend or wearing a prostate massager during sex, there are many ways to bring you a intense pleasure. If you're unsure on how to ask, read my blog here.

LELO Bruno review

My lovely friend, who wishes to stay anonymous, did me the kindness of trying out this vibrating prostate massager and telling me about it.

"I recently received a black LELO Bruno and have been very happy with it! It is designed tastefully, with a sleek exterior highlighted with a gold colored plate at the bottom. It’s also very easy straightforward to use, with one button to switch it on and off, while making it easy to cycle through six amazing vibration settings. The shape of the Bruno is my highlight for it - it sits right on top of my p-spot when inserted, and even without turning on the vibrations, it feels wonderful. When it’s switched on, it is mind blowing, and with the different vibration settings available there’s plenty of opportunity to play around with it. It is moderately sized as well - useful for those only starting to explore anal play as well as those who are looking to change things up. For men that are curious about anal play and prostate massage and those experienced, I highly recommend the LELO Bruno because it is elegantly designed and such a fun and amazing toy to use!"

Happy exploring! Remember to type in code "JULIETA" to get $10 off your purchase of $50 or more- and of course, send me your reviews!

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