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Stayin' Sexy with Yandy

Over the past couple of months I’ve had the absolute pleasure of getting to collab with Yandy on fun projects like talking about sexual health, and female masturbation.

On my amazing livestreams with Yandy, I’ve loved the mission: making every woman feel confident and sexy, even if you’re just staying home.

If we’re being completely honest, lately I’ve been feeling the furthest from sexy. It’s definitely taken a toll on my confidence, and tending to my sexual health - a sex blogger who’s lacking masturbation? A tragedy!

Fortunately, sexual health and confidence don’t start with other people or outside your home- it starts with you. How are you making yourself feel sexy? How are you staying protected if you’re able to see partners? How are you exploring your pleasure?

Yandy has all those answers- and they’ve sent me a bunch of goodies to show you… but most importantly, giving me a massive boost of confidence.

Wrap it up, babe

For real though, I’ve been lucky to get a fair share of sex during these trying times- that is unless I run out of condoms. Since I travel full time, I often find that my condom supplies either get lost in my luggage, damaged, or in my rush I simply forgot them.

I asked Yandy to send me a box of their Playboy Ultra Thin Condoms so I could see if they feel as good as they look. Behold, they are pretty fucking awesome.

I’m super picky with condoms, and find that the “prettier” they are, the more of a gimmick they tend to be. Not only are these condoms mega classy, but they're impressively thin. They don’t smell like strong latex, and have a thin layer of lubrication that didn’t irritate me. It’s Julieta pussy approved!

*In these photos, I'm wearing the Out of Control Latex Teddy Set & Dangerous Beauty Bra Set*

Strappy in red

I'm revealing my secret: I rarely wear lingerie or “sexy” gear for partners or other people. I wear it for my damn self, and because it makes me feel good. When choosing this Dangerous Beauty Bra Set, I was drawn in by all the straps. I decided to get wild with the red, since I almost never wear color.

Now, the design seemed like risky business. To my surprise, this perfectly covered my nipples and vulva- and can we talk about the booty?

Look at these fucking straps! I put this little ensemble on underneath my clothing and took a business zoom call, feeling the soft lace embellishment underneath. It was hot, and I felt powerful.

Powerful babe vibes

While the Dangerous Beauty Bra Set looks fucking killer, we all know I’m a dark, BDSM vibe kind of gal. The Harnessed Hottie Bodysuit is something I tried on a year ago when shooting with a friend, and when I saw it on Yandy… I had to have it.

The bodysuit on its own is gorgeous, and I love the straps that outline the booty. The chest strap is completely detachable, but IMO, it makes the entire outfit. I paired this with some thigh high boots, and proceeded along my day.

It’s a vibe

Yandy is so right: feeling sexy with lingerie or outfits can truly give you the boost you didn’t know you needed. Not only did it change up my routine, but I really felt like myself again.

Putting that effort into myself was self care, with a plus of getting to play for the camera. I always say that the best turn on should be yourself, so I’ve taken a few daily breaks to play with Yandy’s Bodywand Vibrator.

When choosing this, I wanted something small and rechargeable that I could fit into my backpack. When I received it, I was amazed- it’s a baby wand! I almost let the size fool me.

This tiny, discreet wand absolutely blew my heels off. I recommend having some fun and using it over your panties or teddy since it’s so strong, adding some thrill to your experience.

Last but not leash

Leashes are probably one of my favorite BDSM items, really helping me play a submissive role. Having your partner hold the leash during sex, walk you around with it, and tease you is super sexy. While some forms of BDSM require sturdier leashes, usually most people are looking for something aesthetically pleasing.

Yandy’s Wet Look Leashed Choker crosses off both boxes for me. The black and gold are a delicious combo, while the thickness of the color is comfy AF for being pulled around.

You can detach the leash if you simply want the choker look, and perhaps have your partner hold onto the chain. When you find the right moments, bring it out to play.

Get geared up with me

I’m so thankful to Yandy for the incredible products that have helped me change up my day to day, bringing some sexy back to my chaotic schedule.

While life is flying by, it’s a good reminder to pause, put effort into myself, and feel confident as fuck: even if it’s just for a zoom call.

Remember: Stay safe, protected, and sexy- the world needs more of this positive energy!

>>> To save 20% off with Yandy, use code julietachiara20 at checkout. If you get a matching piece, send photos and let’s celebrate together.

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