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Small Finger Vibe?Dame Fin Review

Although penetrative sex is fun, it can be so much better… when adding a vibrator to your clitoris! As we know, only about 20% of women are able to successfully get off from penetration alone. This is due to stimulation of the internal clitoris (lucky them) which I can only accomplish using very specific and curved toys that are either metal or glass (sorry human penises and silicone, its not cutting it).

The vast majority of us vagina owners need to excite our external clitoris to even come close to reaching orgasm- and thats totally fine. 

While we can use our fingers to stimulate our clits, why not use a toy? For two reasons.

1. I have carpal tunnel and it hurts my wrist to play with my clitoris for long periods of time.

2. We can walk to our destination… but why not just take a car?

Vibrators or hand, you still reach climax- just one happens to be incredibly easier for certain people. 

During penetrative sex, I always lay out my arsenal of vibrators. Maybe I’ll start off conservative sized with my fave Lelo Lily 2, or get wild and throw in my beloved Le Wand Massager. While those are my favorites, why not try something I have had my eye on for a long time? Something ergonomic, small, and handy?

The Dame Fin is a finger sized vibe meant to provide clitoral stimulation without getting in the way of the action. You can literally fit it into your pocket, so it would ideally be something you take everywhere. 


I have always praised Dame for their practicality and actually designing things that are meant to go on vulvas. They have shapes that actually make sense, and are ergonomically designed.

For example, Eva 2's wings fit neatly under your labia (for me, this is only in one position, but still pretty fancy). Kip has incredibly ridges to use all around your vulva,  Pom fits in the palm of your hand, and Pillo is actually sturdy enough to help you perform human origami. 

Fin is no different in that it has finger indents for you to comfortably hold it in between your fingers, as well as a finger strap to keep it in place. The base is girthy, but still smaller than most other vibes- and this one won’t slip from your hand! (You can remove the finger strap if you wish).

A simple product, it has 3 steady speeds of vibration, waterproof, and you can charge it on your laptop- I have mine in the color Jade. As always, I love the packaging and care that has been put into the presentation. 

Experience during partnered play

During partnered play, I remembered I had Fin so I busted it out about midway through my session. I put Fin on my fingers and turned it up to the highest setting considering I was already having rough sex. To my disappointment, I really didn’t feel anything from it other than the buzz on my fingers. 

I did take it off and finish with another vibrator, mostly considering that perhaps it didn’t feel strong because I was already having very invigorating vaginal and vulvar stimulation. 

Experience during solo

To give Fin a second chance, I tested it out yesterday during quiet and focused masturbation. Using a clitoral balm to help amp up stimulation, I was excited to see if my results would be different. 

The first setting of vibration, I felt absolutely nothing- nada. This happens sometimes though, for the first setting isn’t usually my go to. 

So, I amped it up and went to the second setting through an easy click of a button on the base of the toy. This time, the toy got louder and my fingers felt like they were buzzing, but there truly wasn’t very much sensation reaching my clitoris at all. 

As a last ditch effort, I turned it up to the 3rd setting which is its final and highest. The toy was so fucking loud compared to its size, and once again…it just buzzed my fingers and a little bit of my vulva, but it was if the vibrations were not making it through to my clitoris even though they were directly touching. 

Underwhelmed :(

I would like to say I have the world's most talented clitoris. I can literally get off in almost any way, with any toy, no matter how shitty or weak it is. If it is there, I will find a way. This is one of the only times in my life I have been completely stumped with a toy, and how underwhelming it was. 

As a finger vibe, I obviously did not expect it to be the world’s most powerful- but I definitely expected better. The design is immaculate, the quality is nice, but the power and effectiveness were just not there.

Unfortunately, this reminds me of those low quality Neon bullet vibrators you used to buy at Spencer’s when you were 16: really loud, sounds like it should rock your clit off, but feels lighter than a feather tickle against your clit. 

I would usually recommend this for those who suffer from vulvar pain or have incredibly high sensitivity due to how gentle it is. The only thing is, I don’t feel it carried vibrations into the clitoris and was super buzzy, so I could end up seeing this being irritating for a vulva + the sound is quite high. 

We win some and we lose some, luckily the rest of Dame’s product line is wonderful. My experience is obviously subjective and there have been many with great experiences, but sadly Fin won’t make it into my toy box this year!

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