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Sliquid Organics Natural review

My MedAmour babes sent me the Sliquid Organics Natural Lube, which is a simple water based lubricant with no scent, a “Natural Intimate Glide”.

Sliquid is a brand that absolutely blows my mind: They are a brand of lubricants and moisturizers that are organic, + glycerin and paraben free, all while offering a MASSIVE line of products to fit anyones needs. From light and natural, sensitizing, relaxing, thicker, silicone, you name it… they have it (check it out here on MedAmour).

Why Organic Lube? 

Going organic on my lube is a no brainer- anything near my vagina should be high quality, natural, and not disrupt its general climate or irritate the skin. When you look at what some of the most popular lubes, you would be shook to find out they are filled with CRAP.

You should never be putting lubes onto your genitals that are filled with chemicals and ingredients that dry the skin and interrupt a vaginas PH levels. Many lubes contain glycerin (sugar, makes lube slippery and sweet) and parabens (disrupt hormones, preservative), which usually leads to yeast infections, UTI’s, and heavy irritation. 

Many women complain about a burning sensation after using cheaper lubricants, and this is to blame. I'll have to write a lube 101, since there is so much to learn that no one tells you! Just promise me, for the love of whatever you believe in, you will stop using cheap lubes from the grocery store. KY Jelly is like signing up for a yeast infection ladies. 

First thoughts

Looking at the ingredients, you see that the lubricant is safe, organic, VEGAN, and made in the USA- a huge plus! The packaging is beautifully done, and looks like something I would proudly leave out in my room since it doesn’t look tacky. 

For the smell test,  Although very light, you can smell the aloe and extracts, which are natural and doesn’t bother me at all. We all know how awkward it is to have sex with a smelly lube and not be able to get it off of you no matter how much you shower- eeeeeek.

The fun part

With a hand test, it is thin and spreads easily- which you will get out of most water based lubes. Leaving no stickiness at all, it did dry up pretty quickly- which once again, is expected out of a water based lubricant. Reapplication is a must with water based considering it will absorb instead of lingering on the skin (such as a silicone based lube). I will always prefer them even if they take a little more work since you can safely use them with any toy. 

Although I can naturally lubricate just fine, I will always use lube during sex since the friction of condoms can dry you out. What surprised me about this lube is that… it doesn’t really feel like lube. Its very light, and not ultra slippery (slippery lubes can prevent sensation sometimes, you need some friction!). The texture and feeling in my opinion completely mimic what my natural lubrication feels like- I didn’t feel like I was covered in lube, I just felt normal. 

During sex, it did a great job of withstanding heavy friction and I only needed to reapply once. This was pretty surprising to me considering how fast the lube dried up on my hand, but hey, we love surprises here!

When masturbating, the lube did a great job of lasting without reapplication and felt great on my bullet vibrator. 

Would I recommend?

Given that I didn’t have an allergic reaction, theres no smell, and it actually held up through my shenanigans without needing to use the whole bottle- I'm happy with it! 

I would 100% recommend this lube if you are sensitive to UTIs, yeast infections, or skin irritants since this lube won’t give you any of those. I definitely feel like this is a good everyday, general lube to have in your bedroom at all times- you can get some fancy ones for other special occasions too. 

Although, I wouldn’t recommend this lubricant to :

-people who don’t like reapplying lube

-people who want an extra slippery feel

-any sort of anal play, as this lube is too thin and absorbent and won’t provide enough comfort. 

Thanks for reading lovelies, keep lubricated and have fun this weekend.

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