• Julieta Chiara

Sex Toy Beginners: WE VIbe discover box

I have been blessed enough to own honestly every type of sex toy you can think of. Vibrators, suction, dils, dual stimulation- you name it. If you aren’t into toys just yet, everything on the sex toy market may sound like medical jargon. If I told you that I found a sampler kit, with the worlds most famous toys, that saves you 100’s of dollars…would you believe me?

My First Time

When I first started using sex toys, I sure as fuck had no idea what I was doing. I remember asking my older boyfriend to buy me the cheapest vibrator he could find (mind you I was 17). He walked into my room carrying a little black baggie, with a battery operated bullet vibrator inside, the receipt saying it was $10. All I saw was that nasty wall of sex toys inside of a Spencer’s retail store, and being ultra confused on what to get. If you can’t sense my pussy cringing through the computer from remembering that hard, abrasive, plastic vibrator- just know its happening. 

After about a year of being together, for Christmas we upgraded and he bought me a high quality $70 vibrator, and my life completely changed. I was so young and didn’t know there were other toy options, so I used and abused this toy until it had no life left in it about a year later. To my delight, this toy was made of buttery silicone that made the vibrations so incredibly rumbly and irresistible to my hormonal teenage mind. I woke up to it, I came home to it, and I went to bed with it- when you find the right vibe, you never go back. 

I was lucky to find a good vibe my second time around, but back in my years we didn’t have all the fun stuff I show you through my page. So, how about we let Julieta take you on a Tour De Pleasure?

We Vibe Discovery Box

The name says it all, A SEX TOY DISCOVERY BOX. As you’ve seen in the past,  I am a huge We Vibe fan: some of my favorites being their We Vibe Sync, and We Vibe touch. Recently, their company has also merged with Womanizer. I was so blown away opening this box, thinking about how this is going to be a breakthrough bundle for those starting to search for new sexual opportunities. 

Lets break it down for you:

Lube, lube, and more Lube (Retail $10)

No good sex toy experience starts without lube! The travel size lubed provided is from Pjur, an incredible German Company that makes lubes famous for slick glides, natural ingredients, and free of irritants. We are off to an incredible start here. 

Feather Tickler (Retail $15)

Playing with senses is one of the best parts about sexuality, and many times people choose to be abrasive. Have you tried experimenting with gentle touch, like using a feather? You can use this to tease your partner, running this feather over their nipples, clitoris, head of penis, even earlobes. It keeps your body on its toes, preparing for the fun to come!

We Vibe Tango (Retail $78)

Seriously, I am blown away at the toy selection in this box. This vibrator alone costs almost half the amount of the entire box, making it one of the most valuable parts in here. The Tango vibe is one of We Vibes classic bullet vibrators, made out of an ABS plastic (firmer than silicone). Don’t be fooled by Tango’s size: it packs so much power! I always, ALWAYS, recommend a classic bullet vibrator for someones first toy.