Public Masturbation: Where's the craziest place you've gotten off?

We all masturbate - the question is, where is the craziest place we've done it? While the bedroom is always available, sometimes we feel a bit adventurous in our masturbation adventures.

After a juicy AF poll, these are the submissions for most intense, unique, and hilarious places you've all masturbated in. While traffic is the most common, I was even surprised by some of these.

The coregasm is so real - that's what happened to me! It's from having super engaged pelvic floor muscles which can 100% be activated by your abs.

How the hell did you keep a straight face in the kitchen????

First of, that sport massage lesson sounds fabulous - risky AF my friend.

The Pompei Ruins is fucking legendary.

KK TOOL concert, you go Glen Coco!

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