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Pickle Rick and Chickie: Emojibator Review

Emojis are the definition of pop culture, if not the pinnacle! We use emojis to describe emotion, educate, communicate… so why not masturbate with them?

Emerging into the sexual health field, I was more interested in seeing unique toys. I remember seeing Emojibator, and it definitely caught my eye. 

Is it a gimmick? Is it just a gag gift? Who knows- we are about to find out.

Meeting the lovely people of Emojibator at the Brooklyn Sex Expo, I asked to try out a couple of their products to see what the emoji hype was about. 

My Dear Dear Pickle Rick

Being sent the pickle was an honor- because of course, I have a name for all my sex toys.

Pickle Rick was absolutely the only name to give this beautiful, emoji toy. 

Right off the bat, it does indeed, look like a pickle. For the ripe and dandy price point of $29.00, I was amazed to feel that the pickle was made of such a soft medical grade silicone.

A revamped and more entertaining version of the bullet vibrator, it is battery operated and waterproof. This is completely common with some of our smaller vibes, especially when we want them to be cost effective. Buying a pack of AAA batteries for your orgasms doesn’t hurt y’all!

Pickle Me Up

Although the pickle has 10 different vibrational settings, I am not one for patterns. I always opt for just a steady stream of vibes, and that never lets me down. Starting on the first setting, it was definitely super soft and gentle against my clitoris. 

Since I love power, I vamped up the toy to its 3rd setting of strong, steady vibrations. Setting a nice film on hand and letting the vibrations take me on a journey, I was pleasantly surprised! Ultimate arousal? Super delightful orgasm? Even better second orgasm? My clitoris was in Emoji heaven!

I got Pickled

While the pickle Emojibator was not the strongest vibrator I have ever used, it was still pretty damn impressive for $29.00. It taught me to slow down, and let my arousal build and have a full experience- not just an immediate 5 minute orgasm. 

The silicone felt so soft and wonderful against my clitoris, and was truly delightful to use around the rest of my vulva as well. Smaller than  my hand, I easily threw my pickle into my purse to take for travel.

Slips out of the bag? No Problem. It probably just looks like a child’s toy to the general public, which I am totally okay with. 


Chickie is what definitely caught my eye at the Brooklyn Sex Expo. I had been well versed in their Emoji Vibes, but this was new to me.

The toy itself is absolutely adorable- I mean really, with its head on, would you really know it's a sex toy? I could comfortably keep this near my bathtub and make people think I still use a rubber ducky.. which this would be 10x better.

Trying it on my hand, it sucked so hard I didn't even need to hold it against my palm. I turned Joe, CEO of Emojibator, and asked him if this would basically blow my clit off. After exchanging a few laughs, it was only appropriate I find out by trying this fun little number.

We Love Toys

With 8 Vibrational settings on top of 8 suction settings (Stimulate and Pulsate), you could say it is overwhelming to find your perfect fit. There is a perfect setting for everyone with this toy, it just depends on what you want!

Removing Chickie's head, you expose the suction cup like base. Turning on the toy by one of Chickie's feet, I experimented with the vibrations and settings offered. Using one foot to adjust the vibes to the highest setting, and the other foot to adjust the suction, I was ready to go 0-100 with my clitoris.

At first, my clitoris didn't know what to think. THERE WAS A LOT GOING ON AT ONCE. I decided to turn down the settings on each so I could accurately feel what power they had. Both of them turned up to the max almost counteracted each other- they are stronger as individuals.

Nipples and Clitoris Happy

On the suction setting, it didn't seem as powerful as it once did on my hand. This could very much be because I put lubricant on my clitoris, and there is more ground to cover. Through exploring my body, I found that the suction part of this toy was actually super delightful when used on the nipples! Circling the nipple, the pulsations really rocked my world.

As a vibrator, the Chickie truly is strong AF. I like the shape of the Chickie because not only are you covering the clitoris, but you can roll it onto your vulva for added stimulation. It was definitely one of my more interesting orgasms looking down and seeing what looks like a legit toy, but that is what makes it fun!

Is the emojibator a thing?

Yes, the Emojibator line is definitely a thing, a fun thing that you can recommend to others and gift your friends.

These are gentle toys that combine the basis of society: Pleasure and Emoji's fixed into one!

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