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Orgasms & Oils: Amy Evans blows my mind.

When it comes to sex, we limit our exploring to taste, touch, sight, and sometimes hearing- but when do we ever incorporate scent?

Scent and Sexuality

Scent is extremely powerful, in fact- its the reason you have attraction to partners! If you haven’t heard of the fancy word Pheromones, let me introduce you to it: it is a hormonal scent we release to interact with our environment (humans around us). Have you ever smelled someones sweat and liked it? Or held a partners item of clothing and loved the smell it left behind? Perhaps put your face in between a females legs and enjoyed the natural aroma? Our pheromones directly affect our mate selection, mood, sex drive, and sexual response.

Essentially speaking, smell has a very high importance on how we behave sexually, and with who. There have been studies to show that we can sniff out people who share similar genetics through sweat/body odor, and usually find that scent repulsive as compared to someone who doesn't share the same genetics. We literally have a natural born mechanism to warn us from sharing genetics we already have (read

We make tons of perfumes and colognes to get noticed by people in our close proximity, and find it joyful to be complimented on our scent. For females, we may smell differently at separate stages of our cycle, and this can also influence our partners sex drive (hooray for mating and fertility!).

essential Oils

With this void eating away at my mind, I had to know what ways we could influence our sexuality through the use of smell. I have been using an oil diffuser for years to relax, recharge, and enjoy the energy shift some different scents could bring. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the amazing Amy, that I saw her work with utilizing essential oils to boost sexual health and experience. 

But the question comes again: how does that work? Why would essential oils do anything in terms of turning me on, stimulating me, or making sex fun? Let me tell ya some quick science. 

When we inhale aromas- say from essential oils, foods, etc- we are stimulating our olfactory system, which is the part in the brain connected to smell. This system translates smell into a bodily response- such as getting hungry from smelling brownies, or being disgusted by the smell of something rotting. It is a cue to your body on what it needs to do- and it is no different with your sexuality. 

Through this system, inhaling or topically using essential oils can directly affect your sex drive, circulation, hormones, energy levels, and mood. 

The Blends:

Amy made me two super intense blends, which I was instructed to roll inside of my inner thighs and sides of neck before sexual play: made to stimulate, connect, and relax the body. Given their names, I was more than thrilled to slap these on before sex and smell like a sexual goddess. 

Sensual Shibari: 

Amy’s Rundown:

"This is a blend of Sensation which a blend unique to young living that contains Coriander, Ylang Ylang, Bergamont, Jasmine, & Geranium, also we added Cypress & another blend from Young Living, Joy. Often I find myself feeling over scheduled and stressed juggling my own business with motherhood that sometimes the last thing I want to do is be touched. Sensation can help pull me out of this state and release my blocks to being intimate. This soft floral blend is arousing and uplifting without leaving you smelling like your grandmother. We added Cypress to this potion because cypress stimulates circulation and blood flow. If you need help getting engorged Cypress will be your best friend. Cypress is also going to help support blood flow for your partner and he will be standing at attention like a solider".

The Experience:

So…. Craving touch, stimulating my vulva, and making my partner have an incredible erection? Im all in! Like Amy said, this is definitely a flowery blend that does not leave you smelling like a vintage store. The aromas are sweet, dense, and warm- which felt especially good when putting on my inner thighs and neck as instructed.

It didn’t even take 5 minutes before I could tell this blend was causing INTENSE circulation- I was feeling legit hot and bothered. The warmth around my thighs and neck would only be equivalent to the same warmth emitted from being stimulated by a partner, except I had to put in zero work. 

Feeling warm, relaxed, and having my natural lubrication flowing- I felt extremely ready and excited for some action. Being that the name is Sensual Shibari, it only felt appropriate to do some ties- we got creative and put a little bit of oil on the ropes, and wrapped them around my chest and then tied up my legs. With the oil giving amazing circulation to any part of the body, it was euphoric feeling the rope move against my body.

What was even more impressive is that the oil was a wonderful tool to prevent abrasion from the rope, without sacrificing grip. I would really recommend this one if you are craving intense SENSATION. 

Romeo & Julieta:

Amy’s Rundown:

"We mixed up Clary Sage, Joy which is a unique blend of Bergamont, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lemon, Coriander, Tangerine, Jasmine, and Rose with a splash more of Ylang Ylang since it has been known for centuries as an aphrodisiac, so duh more of that please.  Clary Sage is a girl’s best friend. Using a drop of her daily will help to support your estrogen levels so that you can feel more natural lubricated, more willing, and friskier. We added Joy to both of these potions because it’s that good. The oils in Joy are known to stimulate the brain’s sense of affection & love. With the help of Joy, I have been able to get to the big O faster. Everyone needs a little more JOY in the sheets right?!”

The Experience: 

Well, Amy wasn’t wrong at all. I lightly coated my inner thighs and inside of my wrists with this blend that is so deeply aromatic, I probably could have orgasmed from just sniffing my own wrist. This is a very intense, luxurious, feminine scent without being flowery or smelling too earthy. For lack of better terms, I would imagine this is what a massive orgasm smells like. 

Before my partner even touched me, I was amazed to feel like my clitoris was already tingling: a definite sign of circulation happening fast. My natural lubrication was flowing abundantly, and I felt my pelvis start to relax. In terms of my mood, I felt so relaxed, but definitely pretty sexually forward and comfortable. 

Was I mind blown that simply the smell of something could make me so ready for sex? Of course- I definitely didn’t expect this response given my stressful and long day. That was nothing compared to when my partner went down on me, and got to enjoy pleasing me while inhaling this incredible blend.

It was like in movies when animals get a whiff of blood, and go absolutely crazy. I felt as if my partner and I were enthralled in this scent, and it made us even more sexually outgoing and intense. My vulva and vagina felt warm, tingly, and I could feel every single detail- something that is ESSENTIAL to anyone who struggles with sex drive or sensation. Reaching orgasm MULTIPLE times, I am in love.

The conclusion

While I can confidently tell you I was not fully convinced on essential oils, I can’t deny that I'm swooning for them now. I loved the stimulation I received, the way it made my partner react, and of course the incredible aromas that only enhanced my sexual experiences. It's so easy to have them in rollers, and quickly apply them to your inner thighs, neck, and wrists to create a magical time.

I'm especially fond of how the oils are not irritating to the vulva even though they are nearby, and complement my vulva’s natural scent. With so many products made to cover up the natural scent of a vulva, It was a surprise to have it blend and create a pheromone, olfactory system stimulating combination.

On top of that, the oils have other purposes like hormone regulation, stress relief, and uplifting mood: if we can do it naturally, its a go! 

I can’t wait to order my starter kit once I make my move- stay tuned!

Meet Amy: 

"Hi Everyone! I am Amy, mother to 3 wild boys and wife to my high school sweetheart. I am an East coast girl falling for Midwest living. I have always had a passion for beauty and wellness and have spent years working to improve my knowledge in both of these worlds. After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, California I spent nearly 10 years juggling a career as a freelance makeup artist, motherhood, and supporting my husband’s career through 5 different towns and two states. My passions have always fed each other, staying healthy, looking pretty, and enjoying my sexuality.”

How did you get into Essential Oils?

"My mother was super holistic in the way she raised me so my go to route for health has always been a more holistic approach.  When I had my 3rd son he was born prematurely and with a crazy digestion issue which no doctors could explain or figure out. So after exhausting all holistic avenues and standard medical practices I turned to essential oils because nothing else had worked and my baby could not eat. After only a few weeks of incorporating oils into the other eastern medicinal practices we were already doing my son was able to start eating. I was an immediate believer. Once I saw all the ways that oils were supporting myself and family in every aspect of our lives I was like, “Hey I bet I could make a bomb lube that does more then make everyone all slippery, sticky, & smelling of plastic”. And then I did it!”

How can people get hooked up with oils through you?

"The Premium Starter Kit is how I recommend everyone get started with Young Living. It’s the most bang for your buck, and it’s the gateway to a Young Living wholesale membership. Yep. A DISCOUNT. Your kit gets you a wholesale membership (think: Costco) giving you a lifetime membership of 24% of retail & no monthly order commitment.

Plus it's THE CHEAPEST way to order. Let's say you were just looking for sleep support-a kick ass combo for sleep support is lavender & frankincense. If you just ordered those two oils individually with a diffuser, you'd pay over $215 retail!

The starter kit is those two oils, the diffuser, plus 10 other oils & samples of Thieves Household Cleaner & Ningxia Red & Thieves Hand Purifier- three products you're going to be OBSESSED with all for just $165. A flipping steal."

Amy’s Contact’s:

To get Oils:

Instagram: sunshineandsandlewood 

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