The Big O- O wand review

I firmly believe that wands should be a staple in anyone sexually active person's life, and the O-WAND® is no exception. Being treated to not only their O-Wand, but also their The O-VIBE™ and The O-RABBIT™ a review of the trifecta is very much in order. Like wine, we develop a taste of for design, quality, and beauty that can accustoms such powerful toys.

Look & Feel


The O-Wand brand is definitely on the high end side of toy design and look. These are toys that are just as aesthetically pleasing as they feel, fulfilling a very luxurious and expensive look. Here's the catch though: They are actually way affordable, ranging typically from $90USD - $210USD.

** I understand to some this may be expensive. If you are new here, you know I am super against dirt cheap toys because they give dirt cheap results. Invest in one good toy, it will last you forever.**

With their luxurious design, each item comes with its own charger and silk storing bag (which earns brownie points since it keeps the toys clean and easy to travel with). I was lucky enough to receive all 3 of their toys, which traveled safely with me to Barcelona & even got complimented by a customs agent. I know, they are fabulous.


There's no denying the O-Wand is the star of the show, and it's one of the most unique wand looks I've ever seen. Not only does it look like a modern art piece, but the handle and shape make it extremely easy to hold. For example, most wands are completely straight so you usually have to tilt them towards your clitoris (and O-Wand does that for you). This luscious hot pink wand also comes with a textured silicone head attachment, but I decided to try it without first. Putting on some water-based lube (I used Intimate Earth Soothe), it was go time.

Now, don't be fooled - this is actually a pretty heavy wand, and you could probably do a bicep curl with it. This is marvelous because it applies PRESSURE. I often struggle with toys because although the vibes are strong, they don't provide enough pressure against my vulva and clitoris. As I turned on the O-Wand, I didn't have to do much other than lay there - the tilted design, weight, and broad head met every need I have in a wand vibrator. A classic steady vibration gal, I bumped it up to its strongest setting and let it do its magic. Needless to say, I came within 5 minutes. Upon attaching the textured silicone head O-Burst, it was a wonderful mix up of sensation that helped radiate the vibes even further around my vulva.

I would rate the O-Wand a 10/10 for being super easy to use, beautiful, and having a vulva/clit in mind when it came to shape and power.


I got the beautiful O-Rabbit in teal. It's silky smooth, has beautiful silver accents, and the best part: Individual motors in each "arm". This rabbit is a bit smaller than most the ones I had, so it felt super comfortable sliding it into me. The exterior arm is pretty dense and broad, making it a perfect pressure against my clitoris. When turning on both arms, the vibrations felt immaculate and an orgasm came quickly. This did not surprise me, as I always joke that a good rabbit vibes is basically the "screenshot" mechanism of getting an incredible internal & external orgasm. If you're not down with both arms vibrating, you can just turn on one or the other.


Oooooo where do I even begin with this vibe! Although its shaped like a bullet, the O-Vibe its LARGE. About the height of my hand and a really nice width. This is great because not only is this a phenomenal clitoral stimulator, but a great insertable as well. I got to take this one out on a spin with a friend in the shower, and it surpassed my expectations with its power and silky smooth feel. For example, I have an incredibly hard time having an orgasm while standing up. In combination of my partner thrusting and using the O-Vibe on my clitoris, I nearly collapsed in the shower from how strong the orgasm was.

The vibrations on this are SUPER STRONG and great for us folks that love power. I think I found a new favorite for the arsenal!

Give yourself the O

If you've been on the fence about buying any of the O-Wand products, take the leap. These luxurious, powerful, and incredibly prices products will last you for the long run (and all your adventures). Thank you O-Wand for supplying the goods!

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