• Julieta Chiara

My Nose Job 101

Thinking about getting a nose job is both exciting and daunting. Actually pulling through with it is scary as fuck, considering you’re changing your face. I’m giving you my experience on all things Nose Job 101, and what you should expect.

What’s your reason?

I get this all the time: “You didn’t need a nose job”. Well yes, I did. While 50% of the reason I got my nose job was for aesthetics, the other 50% was to fix a horrendously deviated septum that really went south over the past couple of years. I had always really liked my nose, and didn’t mind the shape. From the age of 20 to now (24), my nose literally took a turn for the worst. The septum caved to one side, my hump grew double it’s size, and so did my tip. I was truly at a loss for words looking at old photos and seeing how my nose now took over my face, and now my breathing. Besides that, I’ve always been drawn to aesthetic noses that have beautiful curves, lines, and symmetry - I will selfishly admit that my new, gravity defying nose is the tits. I think it brings so much balance to my look, and makes my feature way softer than before.

If you’re reading this and your nose works just fine, but you want to change its aesthetic: Fuck yeah. There is nothing wrong with wanting to change your look, and it’s empowering AF to have that autonomy. People can say whatever they want, but it’s YOUR FACE. You look at it everyday. You deal with it everyday. If you want to change something, do it, with confidence.

The deets on my specific nose job

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you saw that my face went through INTENSE swelling. This isn’t for no reason, and I probably went through one of the most extreme nose jobs ever. I had 4 procedures in one, the most intense being my structural Septoplasty to straighten and reinforce my septum.

Procedures done:

Septoplasty: Fix deviated septum

Rhinoplasty: Remove hump from nose. My hump was all fucking bone, so they really shaved down my skull for this one.

Tip Reinforcement: Added cartilage and lifted the tip of my nose. This make it so my nose doesn’t droop while I smile, or with age.

Nostril Reduction: Given my hump was taken away and my tip made smaller, it was recommended to shorten my nostrils for symmetry. This was optional, but I’m really happy I did it.

Organizing a Nose Job

Originally, I was going to head to Turkey for my rhinoplasty. I ended up searching for a surgeon in Mexico instead because it was closer, and there wouldn’t be a language barrier. Upon very little research, it was clear that Dr. Luis Sandoval in Guadalajara was a specialist in rhinoplasty and fixing breathing issues. **Dr. Sandoval speaks English for those who want to travel**

One of my main points in choosing him is his practice's use of ultrasonic rhinoplasty method with Piezo tools, meaning he does not break any bones in your face. The tools help shave and grind gently, minimizing recovery time - I’m two weeks out and look good as new.

The process started by booking a zoom consultation, which cost $40 USD. They had me send in photos in a variety of Angles, which Dr. Sandoval will use to analyze and make photoshop mockups of what he thinks would be appropriate for your nose. During your consultation, he will go over his process, what he recommends, and address your concerns and needs. If you have an aesthetic preference that is different from what he has, he takes it into account as it’s your nose. Think things like nose bridge, more defined tip, etc - you can really hand pick a lot of these things!

The cost of my personal surgery was $47,000 Mexican Pesos, or around $2,500 USD. To my knowledge, they do not offer payment plans in Mexico. I went ahead and paid mine in full, which is easy to do considering the very affordable price.

Once we came to an agreement, I was given the option to book my surgery and was given dates. One cool thing about Dr. Sandoval is he does not require a down payment for surgery. I paid for mine 1/2 the day before and the other 1/2 in my follow up. The reason for this is Dr. Sandoval does not want to make his patients feel pressured into doing their surgery because they have money tied up. If you really wanted to, you could cancel the day of. This gives peace of mind should you be an indecisive person. He will also send over a doctor’s order for a blood test to make sure your blood clots appropriately, making it safe for you to get surgery.

Nose Job in Guadalajara

I’m not going to lie, I was definitely pretty intimidated with the idea of traveling for a cosmetic surgery. Would it be comfortable? I made it happen. Whether you’re getting a nose job at home or traveling, remember: Someone has to come with you to take care of you. This is for your own safety, and so you can rest in the most crucial part of your recovery.


I stayed in the heart of the historical center in a building called Arte Expiatorio. These are modern studios, and it has a killer view of the cathedral next to it. I’m a huge snob for a nice rooftop/lounge area, so this was important to me. I found it on Air B n B, and ended up paying less than $600 for almost a two week stay.

If you don’t stay here, don’t worry! I would recommend you look for something…

  • Has a full kitchen, bathroom, and laundry unit.

  • Not a ton of stairs. I made sure to be on the first floor.