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Mini Beast- Lelo Lily 2

In between work and school, I more often than not find myself bouncing around between my two homes, a friends house, ect. 

I’ve recently found the perfect bag to put my “weekend” sexy essentials, which basically fits everything I could ever need for a night of fun filled sexual adventures. 

Made of super soft ABS plastic and a beautiful lavender, it's even infused with lavender scent! (No I don't know how they did that)

At the top of that list is the Lelo Lily 2, which quite literally can fit into my wallet.

Call me a freak, but I think a purse vibrator is a must have- what if you want to use it at any point? 

Given its small size, don’t be fooled- I doubted it at first too. It’s extremely small, the price point is high, but my god does this tiny little device make my legs quiver!

Lily for Self Pleasure

I used Lily during sex before I even tried self pleasure, and I definitely didn’t realize its incredible potential. This tiny, and I mean TINY, toy can vibrate so strongly I didn’t think I could handle it at first. My partner, which I mention below, turned it on to its lowest setting while he did his jazz on me. On myself, I decided to go full speed- and I had to stop a couple times because it was so incredibly strong and rumbly. I have LELO’s massive wand vibrator, which I don’t feel is nearly as powerful as this toy. I think the key difference is its size- since its so small, you can localize it right to your clitoris, vs. the wand vibrates your entire vulva.

I lasted a mere 3 minutes before my body had no option but to climax- this was without necessarily being turned on, or watching any films- it was that stimulating. If I can get my fix in 3 minutes or less, thats a toy I want in my bag at all times and gets the job done. 

During Sex

I found that the biggest plus about its size is that it doesn’t get in the way, but can be involved the entire time. 

My partner started off by slowly using it on my clit while he went down on me, proceeding to circle it around my vulva to arouse me with its quiet and steady vibrations, not turning it to full speed. Given my self pleasure experience, I would be curious to see how I would react trying to have sex while also going full power with this fun sized toy. 

Who is this toy for?

I will admit I judged it by its size, but its potential is far beyond what I imagined. This toy can be for anyone who wants direct, strong, and intense vibrations- or convenient and light vibrations. You can use this on your clitoris, circle the tip of a penis gently, use to rim, or even on your nipples for all the amazing stimulation! I can now justify the price, for this small wonder is not a gimmick- Lily means business!

Remember to use code "JULIETA" to get $10 off your purchase of $50+!

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