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Maysturbation update: Get Creative

We are about midway through Maysturbation and I got to say- things are going extremely well, are they not? I mean orgasms are like a work out, you never regret having one! 

I can’t wait for this upcoming week where I get to share a very special surprise with you, and get to finally talk about TOYS and PRODUCTS.

But, back to flicking the bean…

Luckily, I have been able to bring myself to orgasm every single time these past couple weeks, but I truly believe the reason why is because I have been self pleasuring for a very long time and know exactly what I need to do. If you are just starting out on yourself pleasure journey, you may have not discovered all the ways you can actually mix up self pleasuring. I’ll be the first to admit it, sometimes myself pleasure gets repetitive just because it’s convenient. If you give me five minutes I can truly just get the job done without any questions or struggles. But, the entire point of Maysturbation is to expand our views and experiences.

What do I mean by expand? Yes, there are more ways than one to masturbate, and yes masturbation can get boring- just like your sex life. Now that we are in the middle of our masturbation challenge, I’m going to challenge you to a couple new things to add into your routine to make your experience different and exciting!

change positions!

Just like during sex, try changing positions! Most of us get accustomed to being on our backs , but I challenge you to go  into positions such as on your stomach, on all fours, or even challenge you to sitting upright or standing! Different positions can challenge you to get out of your comfort zone, and learn how to produce pleasure within yourself in more than one position. I personally find this beneficial since sometimes during sex i find it difficult to climax in various positions- try a little bit of everything! 

Get handsy

After a good conversation with friends, we brought up our favorite toys for self pleasure- but we came to the thought that we barely use our hands for self pleasure anymore. It is true, sometimes we do become too dependent on toys, and sometimes toys are the only way that a woman can be brought to orgasm, which is completely fine! What I found to be the real challenge that I have trying to incorporate, is going back to the basics and self stimulating with my own hands. Take the time to explore feeling around your vulva, clitoris, and vagina. It is very naturalistic to able to take the time to feel yourself and see what feels good, and what’s even better is being able to bring yourself to climax without any toys. Taking the time to use just your hands, you will see that coming to climax is a much slower burn, and is oddly a little more arousing to the entire body. I find this to be because you are actually taking the time to let your body feel, and the build up to climax is much more intense.

switch toys

(I will have a post coming up on different kinds of toys for better explanation) . For us that use toys, we could tell you within a matter of seconds which one is our favorite toy! For me it’s my 10 speed vibrating wand, and it is quite frankly the love of my life. What I have found in this month of masturbating every single day, is that I’ve gotten way too used to it. So I’ve been challenging myself to use different kinds of toys, which I’ve noticed don’t always bring me to climax quickly. This is a great way explore yourself since you can try different kinds of stimulation – I’m trying to get more familiar with internal and external stimulation at the same time, considering you can stimulate the clitoris from both sides!


I was reading an article on masturbation that I found randomly, and they recommended incorporating lube into your masturbation session, even if you aren’t doing anything internally. Putting a couple drops of lube on my hands or vulva, I have noticed that I do feel aroused quicker, and my toys feel much more comfortable! This is clearly crucial with toys that you do end up inserting into your vagina, or if you have a penis, lube is much easier to use the lotion or just your dry hand. You don’t risk hurting yourself with friction! 


This one was the most challenging for me, since I’m so used to self pleasuring on my bed and just getting the job done. I have challenged myself, such as many other people, to self pleasure in places that I usually wouldn’t. For example, I have tried self pleasuring on the floor, and in the bathtub – which has been absolutely magical.  If you’re getting good toys, you’ll get ones that are waterproof and that you can use in the shower. I found that the slight uncomfortability of something new actually made my experience more stimulating, and made me be more aware of my body versus just doing the usual. Plus… cold or hot water is a real twist on all your senses!

Brain power

If you have grown accustomed to watching films or porn in conjunction to self pleasuring, I challenge you to have a few sessions without it. What does challenges you to do is to truly get turned on by your mind, which is the biggest sex organ in my opinion. Think about what turns you on, think about your fantasies,  and translate that into your self pleasure. Is this a much slower way to get you to climax? It is, but it is very rewarding to not be dependent on films/porn, but rather have them as an added bonus. Are films/porn bad? In my opinion, when done correctly, they are not. This is a nice mix up to feel “connected” to your body since sometimes we can feel disconnected if we are watching others! 

I love you all, keep up the good work!

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