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Maysturbation: a month to touch yourself

Guys... I am so excited to be back and writing. What better way to kick this off, than with Masturbation May?

Thats right, an entire month to discuss the act of flicking the bean, touching yourself, jerking off, whatever you want to call it.

For many of us, this really isnt big news- we get off regularly for pleasure, and for sanity in my case. 

Masturbation is one of the most normal things you can do as a human- we see it as early as infancy, and learn to do it on our own without anyones help. In fact, can you recall the first time you were able to get off? I do- and it happened organically, without ever needing direction. No one taught me about masturbation yet, or encouraged it- I figured it out just like every other human being in this world does. I see getting off as part of my routine- just as normal as drinking water, working out, and showering: a casual and essential part of my well being as a woman and human. Whats even better? We can get off with our own hands, toys, or have a partner do it for us- now thats some fun, and maybe you understand why I value my toy box more than anything in this world. 

That being said, growing up in Draper, Utah- masturbation was nothing that was talked about, let alone taught in any public school system. With the hindering umbrella of religion in this state, masturbation has been looked at as harmful, sinister, or violating ones faith. I find this to be incredibly harmful to society, since it breeds a culture of shame surrounding ones body and its functions. There is nothing more infuriating than talking to people daily about how they feel inferior with their bodily functions and sexuality- it just hurts my heart! Masturbation, being a very basic human function, is absolutely wonderful for your mental and physical health. Ill be covering the science and facts in the blog posts to come, since we do have an entire month to discuss the ins and outs of bringing yourself pleasure! For now, here are some basic Masturbation 101's:

Get to know yourself, find out what you like:

I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH- Masturbation has been an incredible tool for me to get familiar  with my own body and how I function- What do I like? What feels good? What turns me on? There are so many "sex" questions that can be answered through the act of getting off. I find it so powerful to be in tune with your sexuality, and knowing exactly how to pleasure yourself. When you make yourself feel good, you are investing in your self-love, as well as your sexual confidence. Think about what turns you on, think about your fantasies- you can express these in masturbation. This alone has upped my confidence with my partners, since I am able to communicate what physical acts work to pleasure me, and vise versa. This has removed the idea of sexual shame, and feeling "gross" for exploring my own body- I mean, who's really the one missing out from awesome, accurate, self induced orgasms? Not me!

Stress relief and Sexual Health:

Its no secrets that Orgasms cause stress relief- an orgasm in itself releases endorphins. This is why masturbation is recommended for headaches and general stress relief. When I am stressed out, feeling wound up and tense, I find that just one orgasm can really undo all the wrongs of my day and make me smile again. Our sexual energy is our creative energy, and with life getting to us we can literally feel "blocked". In terms of sexual health, those who masturbate exercise their pelvic floor muscles more frequently, which results in STRONGER orgasms, multiple orgasms for women, and erections that last longer in men- not to mention the countless benefits for the whole body which we will cover later. Besides, the angriest people in our lives probably just need a good old orgasm. 

Enhance your sex life:

There is a massive misconception that masturbating in a relationship is due to not getting sexually satisfied- my oh my do we have some work to do. Even I, the incredibly satisfied sex goddess, still masturbates! Contrary to the popular belief, regularly masturbating can actually ENHANCE your sex drive. 8/10 when a woman comes to me saying she doesn't have a sex drive, she also doesn't masturbate. When said woman tries it out more regularly, suddenly she wants to have as much sex as possible- don't doubt the process. I have found that with regular masturbation, many of us are sexually heightened and it does not interfere with our partner. If anything, we can incorporate it into our sex lives by mutual masturbation, having our partners watch us get off, or teaching our partner how to properly get us off- so many exciting options!


We are going to delve deep in the art of touching yourself- come experienced, come curious, come new: Lets unleash this amazing part of your life and utilize it to your greater good. 

If you haven't today, take 20 minutes of me time in order to bring some positivity to your day- you deserve it!

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