Marrakech Travel Spots

Traveling to Marrakech, Morocco has made it to one of my top 3 destinations in the world. From the colorful alleys of the Medina to the pink covered skies of the Agafay Desert, Marrakech is an oasis in northern Africa. Here are my top tips for traveling to Marrakech and where I stayed + activities.

Arriving to Marrakech

I got in late at night from Barcelona, clearing customs very fast through Marrakech without issue. I would recommend grabbing cash from an ATM at the airport, since you'll be using cash for almost everything in Marrakech. I was there for 7 days, and found $300 USD covered all my food + random expenses while popping around.

We stayed at Riad Serendip, which we found through Air BNB... it was surreal. A Riad is a private estate with an open garden/pool/layout in the middle, and usually has a nice rooftop terrace and plenty of lounge space and rooms for guests. Our Riad was a family one, that came with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a kitchen, two living rooms, a pool, rooftop, not to mention 4 full time staff that took care of our every waking need. They organized a private transport from the airport to the Riad for $20 USD which was safe and cozy. I would HIGHLY recommend staying at Riad Serendip when you visit.

What to wear in Marrakech

My friend Katie was delayed in her travels to me, so I ended up having an entire day to myself in Marrakech to explore. As a solo female traveler I don't get nervous traveling alone, but I do get nervous about standing out from the typical culture. I would highly recommend bringing MODEST clothing, and especially clothing that covers your thighs, chest, shoulders, and belly. My outfits of choice in Marrakech were always a long dress and scarf to wrap around my shoulders - I walked around the entire Medina with ease, and no one bothered me.

Is Marrakech Safe?

Marrakech is so safe it feels surreal - it's even safer than walking around in the US. While I did garner some stares simply because I'm a tourist and vendors wanted to sell to me, I was not harassed or bothered at any point for anything. We walked around day or deep at night with ease, feeling safe knowing we weren't in danger even through the intricate Medina. Marrakech is absolutely wonderful as a solo female traveler when you want to navigate on your own or another female friend.

Sites to see in Marrakech

Jardin Majorelle

I walked all the way to the Yves St Laurent Gardens called Jardin Majorelle, since it's one of the most popular tourist attractions. If you're staying in the Medina, get a taxi - I walked and it was HECTIC to cross streets and get around by foot. The line to buy tickets and get into the garden were MASSIVE - I got the pass for the museum, the gardens, and the Berber museum. It was beautiful but I honestly wasn't too impressed with how small everything was, plus being crammed like sardines with 5 million french people inside.

Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace is the exact architecture you think of when you google Morocco, but is packed to the brim with tourist. I would recommend going to the Badi palace instead.

Badi Palace

The Badi Palace was stunning, and it was wonderful to spend a brief afternoon walking the gorgeous ruins. The small, underground museum was filled with history on the Badi Palace's origins, and changes through the years.


The souks of the Medina are the intricate, never ending streets and alleys of artisans, venders, and food shops. They are filled with an overwhelming amount of colors from gold, brass, spices, and incredible Moroccan items you may want as souvenirs or home decor.

Jemma El-Fna

Jemma El-Fna is the centerpoint square that connects all the entries to the souks together - and it's chaotically beautiful. Here you'll see people with monkeys, cobras, dancing, and tons of delicious food vendors - my favorite were the candied almonds and dates.

Koutoubia Mosque

Next to Jemma El-Fna is the iconic Koutoubia Mosque of Marrakech. We didn't attempt to enter the mosque since I believe it's prohibited here unless you are Muslim, but it was a stunning walk and busy hangout spot at night.

Activities to enjoy in Marrakech

Luxury Hammam

Hammam is a Moroccan bath house where they cover you in black soap, then a nice Moroccan woman scrub you to the bone with a Kessa glove to exfoliate. I went twice to Les Bains D'Orient, indulging in Hammam, hair wash, 60 minute massage, and a luxury facial. How much you may ask? A whopping $70USD for this entire experience.

Local, Authentic Hammam

I love luxury, but I wanted to do Hammam the way the locals do. We experienced an authentic Hammam through Mustafa's local hammam experience via Air BnB. This was not luxurious at all, but so heart warming to have a local woman take you to where she goes weekly, scrub you down butt naked, treat your hair, massage you, and send you off like a fresh new born baby.

Photoshoot in the Medina

I wanted to keep some memories of Marrakech, so I hired local photographer Rania via Air BnB. My photographer took me around the Medina for an hour, taking shots of me and was wonderful company + convo. The photos are pristine!

Dromedary Riding

Part of the Air BnB animals collection, our local Berber guide Abderrahim introduced us to a Berber family that took us dromedary riding. We felt really good on the ethics of this dromedary riding since they were a local family, and the camels were in good shape + very engaged during our walk. After our ride, the local Berber family made us tea, gave us scones, and let us play inside their chicken coup before one final ride to watch the sunset.

Dinner in Agafay Desert

Our same guide Abderrahim started a new experience and invited us to be the first to try it: Dinner under the stars in the Agafay Desert. A quick 40 minutes from the Marrakech Medina, he picked us up and drove us to a local Berber camp in the Agafay desert. The Berber family set up a nice sitting spot for us, gave us tea, let us play with all their sweet Dromedaries, and made us a FABULOUS dinner which we enjoyed under the stars. We cannot say ENOUGH about how this was the highlight of our trip, and will remember the memories forever. I highly recommend you do this experience if you don't have time to do a full Sahara tour while visiting Marrakech.

Great food in Marrakech

**I would like to preface that ironically, we didn't eat out much since our Riad staff provided so much food. We had a massive breakfast given to us every morning, snacks when we came home, and tea available at all times. A couple of the nights, we ordered through Rappi so we can enjoy a night in from a long day (which was easy to use in the Medina).

Zaman Food

Wonderful Tagine & salad at Zaman Food in the Medina.


I am embarrassed to admit how much we ate at Toublak: The food was simple, delicious, and SO FUCKING CHEAP ($3 per plate). My friend and I have very restricted diets, so getting a simple plate of meat, rice, and salad was more than enough for us. Located right in the Jemma square, it was always entertaining.

Le Tanjia

The fanciest of all places we went to, Le Tanjia was walking distance from Bahia Palace offering fucking fabulous traditional Moroccan food. Pricier than what you can get anywhere else, we didn't care considering their salad assortment plus piping hot lamb tajine blew our clits off.

Kabana Rooftop Food & Cocktails

Kabana was a bit overpriced for what it is, but has a magical ambiance and wonderful rooftop view of the Medina. We got garlic shrimp, steak, and our signature sparkling water to celebrate my friend being in Marrakech after crazy delays.

Bacha Coffee

Bacha Coffee is a hip little place to grab a coffee as you run around the Medina - trust me, you'll need it.

Pikala Cafe

Pikala cafe has an incredible assortment of juices, coffees, and a nice area to cowork or get together with friends. Try their ginger latte!

Thinking of visiting Marrakech?

If you've been held up on the idea of visiting Marrakech, my answer is to not walk, but RUN to make it happen. Marrakech is absolutely stunning, and full of so many experiences - I know I haven't even scratched the surface. I hope my itinerary can be useful in helping you experience it's magic.

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