Manifestation & Dream life w/ Madi Maple

Fuck your fears! It was an honor to be on the Breaking Butterfly Podcast w/ Madi Maple talking all things manifestations, dream life, business, and alignment. What was meant to be a podcast about sex & manifestation turned into so much more, and we will get back to it! Round number two to come.

"In this episode, my good friend Julieta Chiara and I dive deep into our journeys of business, manifestation and overcoming fears. Julieta lives the epitome of a DREAM LIFE and her story of how she got here is amazing. She is a great example of balance between the masculine & feminine energies when manifesting and she shares allll the juicy tips & motivation to making your dream life a reality. I hope you guys absolutely love this one!!"

Listen to the Breaking Butterfly Podcast here.

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