Magic Wand Mini Review

The Magic Wand Vibrator is a top classic in the world of sex toys, modeled after the infamous Hitachi wand that made its way to all our southern parts. While it’s classic design is defined as a large, bedside wand that will rumble your whole body - would you believe me if I told you its small twin could do the same? Say hello to the Magic Wand Mini: A powerful, more compact version of the classic that is going to make you late to all your work meetings.

Magic Wand Mini

I am truly, truly such a fucking slut for my large wands: The Magic Wand Rechargeable and Le Wand Massager being my faves. While small wands can get the job done… they just aren’t all the way there. I love the absolute blast power the big wands have, since they vibrate not only the clit - but the rest of your vulva (with a good neck massage in between). Given my unhinged bias, I am judging the absolute shit out of this small baby magic wand. Here you can see it's size compared to the OG.

Let her rumble

To make sure my palate was “cleansed”, I made sure to not masturbate for a few days to make sure I can honestly judge the sensations of the mini magic wand. Today, I chose to pair her with Intimate Earth Soothe, which even though it’s for anal, smells and feels so lovely.

Fun fact: When testing toys, I don’t watch porn to get off. I do this so I can judge my arousal strictly on the toy, and not external stimulation - cool right? Try it out next time!

Starting on the first setting, it’s already abundantly clear how much stronger this tiny wand is compared to other small wands like Le Wand Petite. Simply angling the head of the wand to my clitoris and staying put was enough to get the juices flowing - the vibes were strong, consistent, and steady.

To turn things up a notch, I went to the second setting of steady vibration only to be surprised - this was just as powerful as the OG wand. With the vibes being so intense, I had already reached my first orgasm after about 4 minutes without any effort other than laying there and enjoying. 1 orgasm turned into 3, then to 6, then to 9… and beyond! When I looked at my clock, 1.5 hours had gone by, and it felt like I could keep going with the state of pure, pleasure filled bliss I was in from this wand.

Some observations were…

  • This wand is just as powerful as it’s larger, OG version.

  • I tried going to the third setting, and it was too powerful. I have the same encounter with the larger wand, where I can’t go past the second setting. This means they were able to pack the same intensity in a much smaller size.

  • Given the head of the wand was smaller, I was able to go for longer since the vibes really targeted my clit. For example, I tap out way earlier with the larger wand since the broad vibes over my entire vulva can become too intense after a while.

  • Given the wand is smaller, it makes less sound which is super great for discretion.

Easy Access

While I was riding my obnoxious waves of pleasure, it was clear to me what a powerful weapon you have in your hands. The Magic Wand Mini is small, discreet, and still has the horsepower to blow your clit off if you aren’t careful. Aside from it’s power, here are some huge benefits to consider:

Travel: Without a doubt, this is the easier magic wand to travel with. While I can always fit my giant magic wand into any backpack or suitcase, this one is way more discreet and can honestly fit a very standard purse. In my travels, the goal is less clutter & more effectiveness: This solves both!

Partnered: I fucking LOVE using my Magic Wand with my partner, but the size of the standard one can get in the way (for example, my partner onto of me). While I haven’t used the mini magic wand with a partner yet, I can already tell it will be loads easier to use together without getting in the way.

Magic Wand OG or Mini?

If you’re looking for smaller and convenient, the mini is the way to go. It showcases the same amount of power as it’s larger daddy style, and can deliver a pretty fucking awesome experience (just put a timer, unlike me). I will say though, I highly recommend having both!

The mini is perfect for tactical use and travel, but there is still the allure and charm of the larger wand and how it shakes up your entire pelvis. If you’re unsure on which larger magic wand to get, you can ready the size comparisons I did a while back on all 3 options.

**The Mini Magic Wand was provided by Peepshow Toys, a body-safe and inclusive adult boutique that carries the industries most fabulous & exclusive pleasure products. You can use code “Julieta” for 10% off your purchases!

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