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Lelo mona 2 review: G spot pleasure

"I think its safe to say that many individuals seeking internal stimulation get turned off by the idea of having a phallic resembling dildo, which LELO and many other companies do a great job of opposing. Female anatomy is so complex, and requires so much more than just a straight, squishy, phallic resembling dildo. This is feminine, gentle to the eye, and compliments the contours of our anatomy"

Many times, the best spots internally and externally are hit with sleeker, more innovative designs- which is why the Mona 2 is a very unique twist on a G spot stimulator/internal vibrator. Quite honestly, I could see it being a great shape for prostate massaging as well- we will save that for another experiment!

As you already know from many of my previous post, I used to not be a huge fanatic of the internal stimulation. When Medamour sends me these products, I have the opportunity to gain real life insight on sexual discovery, and provide honest feedback to my readers. I love clitoral stimulation, but I am just finally learning how to explore my G spot and gain internal sensitivity- all thanks to a myriad of toys to experiment with. 


In my opinion, Lelo has one of the best product compositions on the market- so its no surprise that this toy is made out of durable and high quality silicone. The handle is ABS plastic, and has super easy setting buttons. 

Unlike the Ina wave, this toy does not thrust for you- but it is practical. It's easy enough so your wrist won’t hurt, and the base is thick, and curved upwards to stimulate the G spot without needing to make upwards motions. 

First Impressions

After lubing the toy up and just deciding to go for it, I came to find out quickly I had no idea what I was doing. Not being accustomed to just internal stimulation, let alone a toy that is shaped so uniquely, it actually was a bit painful trying to insert. I realized I needed to be much more aroused, and a little more lube of course, to fit the thicker base. 

Once I was able to comfortably insert the toy, I also saw that its definitely not for on the go ladies- you want to take your time with this one. I see that G spot stimulation is so much of a slow burn; one that needs to be earned, teased, and worked for. It has 6 vibrational patterns, but I’m honestly just a fan of strong and steady patterns since the others ones don’t really do anything for me. I find anything with a “buzz buzz pause” pattern to just be super distracting and frustrating. With the vibrations, I found that I needed to turn it onto the highest to be able to notice any pleasurable difference internally- and it was very soothing!

Just to mix it up, I alternated between internally stimulating myself and then also taking the toy to the clitoris to get the best of both worlds. Im happy to report the mona actually makes for great clitoral stimulation, which highly added to my experience. The base of the toy really is a magical shape- its thick enough to feel sensation in every part of your vagina, and curved just right to hit the G spot with direct vibrations. 

Last words

This toy is definitely right for you if you enjoy internal stimulation, and plan on putting some time into your self pleasure. The vibrations were very rumbly, and there are enough patters to tickle every need- even if you’re not into patters. Given the size of the base, I would not recommend this for beginners, those who have a hard time reaching arousal, or those who may have pain during sex. While I grew to love the size of the base, I mentioned earlier it felt slightly painful when I wasn’t prepared for it. Unlike a penis, its unique shape contours the vagina differently, so I recommend ALWAYS pairing this with a lubricant and finding a comfortable position. It is still an amazing toy to use for clitoral stimulation, and I feel the combination is ideal. 

For you

Remember, you can get $10 off a purchase of $50+ with code JULIETA, and as always- shoot me a DM with your experience!

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