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Lelo Ina wave review

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Sleek. Powerful. Innovative

I will be the first to admit that I was a little shy to try out this product, considering I’ve always been an external stimulation kind of gal- clitoral stimulation has always been the love of my life! I had seen and heard of the magical “rabbit” style toys, but I honestly found the typical designs to look cheap and silly- which meant there wasn’t a chance I was putting it near my vagina. Through my education, I learned more and more about how the clitoris is much larger than meets the eye, and is actually an erectile tissue that can be stimulated from within (indirectly) with many sensitive points- a true wonder of the world if you ask me.

I thought to myself, I have NEVER used a product like this- so who am I to judge it if Ive never even attempted? Who am I to frown upon the rabbit when I have yet to experience it? How could I truly evolve to be a sex toy fanatic if I don’t give this magical looking device a chance? 


And there you go, suddenly I have a Lelo Ina Wave in my hands courtesy of the amazing, female led team at MedAmour.

At first glance I gotta say, LELO does some damn beautiful packaging and delivery. The sleek black box looked classy, was sturdy, and felt luxurious- which for the $199.00 price tag, it better be. I slid the box open easily to unveil the beautiful Ina Wave in Plum, which was a nice change from the collection of hot pink toys I’ve been collecting. Made out of a silicone base, and ABS Plastic handle, it felt extremely smooth and comfortable all around- which made my vagina feel safer about using it. As if the toy and box couldn’t be better, it came with a neatly organized charger, black satin dust bag for the toy, instruction manual, and a thick black tag for the toy's warranty. 

MedAmour’s website describes the LELO Ina Wave as: 

"Wave Motion technology provides internal motion in this well-crafted massager. In a world-first design, the Ina Wave is designed with a "come-hither" movement, in combination with the clitoral stimulator to mimic the feeling of a partner's fingers. Its internal and external sensations combined make it one of the most unique rabbit-style massagers available. Crafted from the smoothest body-safe silicone, Ina Wave offers 10 vibration patterns and is also fully waterproof for use in the bath or shower.”

Now, Ive never used a toy that literally provides a motion! Ontop of that, it has 10 different speeds/vibrations, is rechargeable (I hate battery operated toys. I self pleasure too much to keep up), and its completely waterproof…. Little did I know I was in for a treat.


First thing is first, I took the toy out of its packaging and let it charge for a couple hours- lord knows I was gonna take my time with this toy to be able to write an honest review. After it was charged, I got set up in my bedroom to self pleasure, you know, the works. I got naked, put on one of my favorite films, and sanitized my toy (post to come on this). The toy came with a sample of its own LELO water based lubricant, which I lathered it on the internal part of the toy, as well as the clitoral stimulator, and finally some on my vulva to make it a more comfortable experience.

Now….. When I turned on the toy, I WAS SHOOK. The massager actually had the “come hither” movement, and if you turned up the speed…. It literally thrusts! The clitoral stimulator, turned at full speed, moved a little bit as well. In my opinion, if you can see a toys vibration when you’re not using it, its a good toy. That means you are going to feel all the waves of pleasure.

lets get it on

Upon using it, I was surprised to see how comfortable the toy was. For me, I felt the Internal part was quite big to be mimicking a partners fingers, but all the while still enjoyable. You see the product is well made, considering the internal and external stimulation have separate motors and functions. I thought it would be very tiring to try and use a dildo and vibrator at the same time, so this toy solved that issue… all you have to do is hold it in place.

At first, I didn’t feel like the vibration/thrusting was strong enough, but I learned quickly through amping up the settings that it can get pretty freaking intense. Now, Im no beginner in self pleasure and I enjoy a high amount of stimulation. The upward curve of the internal stimulator coincided well with the clitoral stimulator, since it pin pointed and stimulated the clitoris from both sides. Whats amazing about this toy is that it can easily appeal to a beginner who may be slightly more sensitive, or someone who may have pain during sexual encounters- considering it can be very, very gentle. 

Since I haven’t been accustomed to self pleasuring with internal stimulation, it did take longer for me to reach orgasm, but it was super enjoyable to be able to expand my session vs climaxing in 5 minutes. It was a slower burn, and I could really feel my pelvic muscles relax + contract, alongside the sexual tension slowly building (very similar to how it would feel with a partner). What was even better? During orgasm, the toy keeps on vibrating and thrusting…. It was one of the longest orgasms I have had in a long time! The only reason I gave the toy a 4/5 is that I felt the clitoral stimulator didn’t have the most powerful vibrations, and I wish it had a bigger base. 


For the price you pay, you are getting MORE than your moneys worth- this is a universal and incredible toy that really pivoted my ideas about how technology, function, and sexuality mix together for a divine experience. I would definitely recommend this product to beginners, or advanced self pleasure family since it has so many settings to fit what you're searching for. On top of that, its a two in one toy- say bye bye to trying to use two separate toys at the same time! What made me feel more secure about the price is that its covered under warranty, should anything malfunction- just keep in mind to purchase from a trusted source, not Amazon or eBay!

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