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Lelo Hex Condom review

This is exciting isn’t it? I know, I guess I need to take one for the team- but I gotta let you guys know how these products are before you buy (wink wink). 

When it comes to condoms, I always have difficulty finding ones that don’t irritate me. When I was younger, I was convinced that I was allergic to latex due to how uncomfortable I would feel during or after intercourse. What I came to find out was that just like any cheap product, a lot of standard condoms have “lubricant” inside that is generally not the best. For example, Durex is a very reputable brand that has heavily promoted protection and pleasure, but I have not had good experiences with their condoms! 

Now that I'm an adult and I can gladly buy the higher price point condoms, I don’t seem to have these reactions as often- but I still get scared to try new ones. With LELO being one of my favorite sex toy brands, you better believe I was excited to see they had a condom- they do not mess around when it comes to innovation and quality. 

This new design has a honey comb structure that is meant to protect against tearing, slippage, and can even transfer body heat. That sounds pretty fancy to me considering a good friend of mine described his experience of standard condoms “like getting a back tickle with a Patagonia jacket”. The thinner the condom, the more feeling between partners while still providing a barrier for protection- LELO Hex I have high hopes!

The packaging is a beautiful and classy white with the brands name on it, a nice change from the tacky condom labels you usually see. Super easy to open (we all hate being in the moment and not being able to rip open the seal), it was clear to see which was the correct side to put the condom on. 

My partner was able to put it on without hesitation and he felt that it was very comfortable. Despite him having a larger penis, we didn’t see that it was cutting his circulation (which can be very aggravating in choosing a condom brand for men). Our experience was flawless, and the condom held true to its claims. There was absolutely no slippage, and quite honestly we didn’t notice that anything was even there! Better yet, I had no reaction at all!

My only complaint about this condom was the overwhelming smell of latex that seemed to linger. To be fair, many condoms have this problem and I don’t know if it is something that can be avoided. The lubricant in the condom was very mild, and it would work great for anyone who is prone to allergic reactions. For me, I can work past the smell considering the condom worked so nicely and provided both parties a satisfying experience. My other concern is obviously the price point, since it doesn't make this condom affordable for everyone. I am a firm believer that your sex life does deserve the investment, and is not something you should be "cheap" with- condoms are essential!

If you are sensitive like me, I would really recommend giving this condom a try- its one of the newest innovations in condom designs that has been done in decades. Quite frankly, if more people tried it out, I wouldn’t see guys complaining about how much they hate condoms either. Condoms are also very versatile: you can put condoms on your toys if you have more than one partner, and you can also cut them diagonally to make an easy and convenient dental dam!

Since this is a light lubrication condom, I would recommend pairing it with one of my favorite lubes like Bella CBD Lube or Sliquid Organics Lube!

To get $10 off $50+ use code JULIETA at checkout, or shop through my link here: 

Cheers to the weekend!

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