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Le Wand Petite: Vibe Queens

We learn from early on that our favorite fairytale characters have magic wands. Well guess what? Little did we know, the most magic we can give ourselves is clitoral stimulation with the wand of all wands, the LeWand Petite Massager. 

Growing up, my first exposure to vibrators was seeing someone on television talk about the Hitachi Wand, probably the most famous icon of clit gratifying toys. The traditional Hitachi wand is huge, usually plugs into the wall, and actually was not advertised as a sensual massager. Many “wands” are used for your muscles, which makes sense because these pack a punch. 

I have been curious to try this product, since I am a huge supporter of women in the sex toy industry. Founder Alicia Sinclair is always making waves in the community, never failing to show us the true meaning of being a boss babe. Her inventions with LeWand Massagers, The Cowgirl, and BVibe give us all the vibrational inspo + normalization of booty play. Is there anything she can’t do? Perhaps she can’t prove that unicorns are real, but the Le Wand Massager is a close second. 


Photo by Le Wand

Trust me, I own A LOT of sex toys- and packaging isn’t always a brands forte. Le Wand Petite had sleek and classy packaging, with a simple white box displaying an image of the wand. One thing I love about women owned brands is the amount of effort they put into making sure that their products are represented with care and education. Much like Dame Products, Le Wand Petite came with a pleasure guide to instruct you on how to use it + a incredibly convenient travel case. Keep your sex toys clean and cared for! 

PS: When delivered to me, the packaging was super discreet and had no problem getting through Spanish customs, which can be a royal pain in the ass. 


What I loved most about this toy is that it has 10 vibrational levels, and 6 different patterns. Personally, I don’t really care about the patterns and enjoy a steady stream of vibrations, building up in intensity. This is extremely versatile compared to other wands, so those who are sensitive to sensation can use it without feeling that it’s too much. 

When it comes to design, cordless is the only way to go for me. Especially when using wands during sex, I don’t want to be confined in movement because I need my toy plugged in. The silicone head of the toy is incredibly soft, and you can actually buy other attachments for the head to provide texture, or dual it with internal stimulation. What stands out the most about this wand is the flexible neck- you can apply pressure and it moves with you, so you don’t cause unnecessary abrasion to your genitals or body. 

Also… waterproof? Lets make waves in our baths!


First thing is first, I like to let my toys completely charge before using them. The convenient USB cord was plugged into my computer, with the wand being incredibly complimentary to my marble pink aesthetic. 

When I was young and naive, I didn’t realize that toys can be incredibly abrasive when not used with lube. As someone who can have multiple orgasms, I used to wonder why my clitoris would get sore after using a toy for an hour- I needed lube! 

I paired my wand with Pjur Sensitive Glide, a water based lubricant (never use silicone lubricant with a silicone toy). Exploring my subscription with Erika Lust, I picked a film to watch to get me in the most sultry of moods (you can subscribe here, support ethical porn).

When I initially turned on Le Wand, I was surprised to see just how gentle the first vibrational settings were. With traditional wands, it can feel as if you’re being blasted intensely right off the get go. Even though this is the petite version of Le Wand, the base is big enough to just rest against your clitoris and let the vibration do the work. If you want to add some stimulation, you can also gently move the wand in a circular motion around your vulva and clitoris (for the love of god, use lube for this). 

Just to see its intensity, I turned the vibration all the way up- and baby, it was INTENSE. A common way to see if the vibration is too intense for you is sometimes you will feel an itch or tingling feeling along your vulva or thighs. This is due to the overload of blood flow to the area due to the vibration, just how sometimes you get itchy legs from running. I went down about two notches until I found my sweet spot. 

Since wands can be so strong, you can reach climax much quicker than with the traditional bullet or hand method. In between my wand, and visual stimulation of course, I had an incredibly strong and leg shaking orgasm after a solid 5 minutes. Although I can fully appreciate having long, blissful self love sessions, I'm a busy gal. I usually only have 10-20 minutes to spare and of course, I would love to be having orgasms the entire time. The Le Wand works as fast as you want it to, and it will take you to your destination. 

Wands are also incredibly useful for sex, and are the easiest for your partner to use on you. Although the Le Wand Petite is still a pretty big toy for some, it is the easiest for you or your partner to grip during penetration. A couple really awesome ways to use Le Wand are:

-In missionary position, spread your legs further apart and have your partner hold them up. While your partner thrusts, place Le Wand gently on top of your clitoris. This lets your partner’s thrust do the rocking motion with the toy, while you get all the good vibes. You or your partner can be in control of the wand!

-During mutual oral sex, either you or your partner holds the wand against your clitoris while they penetrate with fingers. I found a super intense stimulation is having the wand against your clitoris while your partner provides light anal stimulation (finger around rim, or one finger inside). Trust me, it is mind blowing!

-Vibration for anal stimulation is great too! Have your partner hold the wand against your rim while in doggy style. 

Your magic wand

Out of all the wands I own, this wand is one of a kind- as a power queen, the vibrations are stronger than I imagined. While I’m still a fan of Hitachi or Lelo’s wands, they are missing the versatility, inclusivity, and sleek design that Le Wand has to offer. Le Wand Petite can be anything you need it to be, from gentle to powerful, flexible or stable. I can have a long and sultry self pleasure session, or get my orgasm in a go- truly the ultimate bed stand wand to have. I was so impressed that I ordered the standard Le Wand, because I want to see what kind of power a wand of that size can pack. 

If you’re looking to level up your stimulation, I would highly suggest adding Le Wand to your collection. Although a larger toy, it will out do the boring vibes of your standard bullet. Plus, you will not be disappointed if you try it during sex with my suggestions above- who knew one toy could do so much? (Between you and I, it is also an incredible massager for my neck spasms)

A big thank you to Le Wand for sending me this wonderful product, I am forever grateful!

Always purchase LeWand from their website, or authorized resellers.

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