Kiki de Montparnasse: The High Class Orgasm

I won't lie to you, with age I'm definitely getting fancier- and that's totally valid. I no longer let my pussy settle for that $15 vibrator from Spencers that's useless- we deserve BETTER. So much better. Since sex is my craft, it would only make sense that my collection starts to also garner its taste. I find thrill in having collectors pieces, and pieces that I'm proud to showcase around my homes. If the toy looks like a piece of art, then it most certainly belongs in your vulva and your home. Kiki De Montparnasse is here to help you do it.

The taste of luxury

Kiki de Montparnasse is not for the typical- it's for those who put value in their desire, seduction, and self care. With dress pieces and lingerie ranging very regularly above $500, I can appreciate how tasteful and stunning every portion of this website and its products are.

"Kiki De Montparnasse is a luxury fashion & lifestyle brand that celebrates intimacy & inspires confidence, independence, & imagination. Established in 2005, Kiki’s collections including: Ready-to-Wear, Lingerie, Bridal, Swimwear, Athleisure, Items of Pleasure, & Accessories, define a new category of luxury that elevates & empowers the client.  The quality and attention to detail in each piece is the fundamental component that sets Kiki apart. Kiki De Montparnasse pieces are created to cater to the highest expectations & are meant to be experienced & enjoyed."

Kiki's cofounder, Molly, reached out to me to try two of their unique pleasure products, the Dual Warming Wand and Flexi Vibe. Dressed in one of the dreamiest colors I've ever seen on a sex toy, Midnight, I could see these pieces sitting seductively next to my new Louboutins. Divine timing? I think yes.

These are not big brand, stock item toys: It's clear they have been handcrafted with luxury in mind. Even more surprising? These pleasure products have super affordable pricing given their luxury status. Does the sex toy industry have some big competition? I think yes.


I mean, the packaging says it all. The thick, little black box embroidered with what seems like velvet is completely striking. As Molly said, they wanted to make sure that the packaging on the toys would be something you would keep- you keep luxury. Opening the sleek, black box, the best part was right there: The toy, with a silky travel pouch! For real, my favorite thing is when brands have travel pouches: it's so much nicer to protect and stow your toys versus throwing it around.

Pulling out the sleek toys, I'm still mind blown these don't cost much, much more.

Dual Warming Wand

Long, flexible, and silky- the Dual Warming Wand is truly an elegant piece. The unique midnight color compliments the silky black travel bag, beaming from the box.

Molly explained to me the importance of flexibility in the wand. The wider end is meant to be insertable and hit the "G-Spot" or internal clitoris perfectly. The longer, thinner end warms up with use- meant to create a comfortable experience. Each end has it's own independent motor which is super hard to nail: it's truly customizable to your liking.

Turning on the wider ends, the wand's flexibility was easy to insert into my vagina and mold to my shape. For being such a sleek, flexible vibe, I was surprised at how deep and rumbly the vibrations are. Even for having intense vibrations, the wand was very, very quiet- a pleasure to use when you're trying to be discreet.

As my session kept going, the other end heated up nicely and felt so nice against my vulva. I switched ends, and used the thinner, warmer side as a clitoral vibe- all I can say is, WOW!

Flexi Vibe

Now, my favorite small vibe, the Lelo Lily 2, has some serious competition.

The Flexi Vibe also comes in the sexy color midnight, and the same silky smooth silicone as the Dual Warming Wand. The sleek design almost looks like a leaf, and it's very delicate. Honestly, for the normal person, they may not be able to figure out from first glance if this was a pleasure product.

The feel is super important to me, but I cannot get over how THIN the vibe is. Fitting perfectly in your palm, this impeccably small vibe packs in deep and rumbly power. I loved pushing through the settings, and ironically, even enjoyed the patterns. Patterns usually don't do much for me, but every pattern held its own thrill that I took my time embracing.

Even though small, you could choose to pin point your clitoris with the exact point, or get broader stimulation from the base.

Let's get wild

I'm clearly a hedonist, so there was no way I was just gonna use one toy at a time.

combining the Flexi Vibe and the Dual Warming Wand was something of magic.

First off, an elegant experience. I truly believe in the power of high quality, classy items. The feel of the silky silicone on my skin and inside of me is unmatchable. When your vulva has met 100's of pleasure products, you can truly discern quality.

The internal rumble of the Dual Warming wand truly pinpointed the internal clitoris, and the Flexi Vibe sitting on my external clitoris was the cherry on top. The wand's flexibility gives the ability to really angle inside your vagina, and the Flexi Vibe can be pressed against comfortably.

Is It Worth It?

The vibes from the Dual Warming Wand and Flexi Vibe combined made for a 2 hour experience- I mean, there truly wasn't a reason for me to stop using them. The vibrations were deep, rumbly, and sweet- this is not something a typical, mainstream toy could do. These we truly made with pleasure and experience in mind.

Every ounce of the Kiki de Montparnasse experience speaks volumes to those who want luxury, taste, and of course- pleasure. From the sleek design that moves with your body, to the tasteful packaging that can line up with your luxury items: a Kiki piece would be a great addition to your collection. If you're going to do something, do it right.

Dual Warming Wand:

Flexi Vibe:

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