• Julieta Chiara

Kicking it Old school: Le Wand Plug In Massager

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

If there is one thing that Alicia Sinclair and I bond over, it’s our love for fucking power- and this mother of brands is bringing in the fucking heat. 

If there’s anyone who can pull magical items out of their ass (literally tho, check out B-Vibe), she makes it happen- and fast. 

My Usual Le Wand experience

Owning the traditional Le Wand Rechargeable and the Le Wand Petite, they are staples in my bedroom and decor. Throughout my travels, I wouldn’t be caught dead without one of my wands. In my opinion, wands are the best form of clitoral stimulation- the broad heads help stimulate not only the clit, but the entire vulva. They are easy to grind against, use during sex, and a staple in BDSM play (hello forced orgasms).

Retro Vibes

The packaging on all of Alicia’s products happen to be one of my favorite qualities about them: They are tasteful, offer a traveling case, a super in depth guide, and most importantly… international plugs for wherever you want to get it on in the world.

An ode to the OG Hitachi, Le Wand Plug-In Vibrating Massager in Sky Blue is a guarantee of power, and no chance of dying on you mid-orgasm. While I would like to think I’m a responsible Le-Wand owner, I’m not a responsible sex toy charger… and it’s disappointed my clitoris more than once. With an 8 foot long cord, 10 vibration intensities, and 6 patterns… versatility is something Le-Wand products will never lack. 

The travel case makes it incredibly discreet to travel around with a tripod sized orgasm weapon, and makes storage/ cleanliness of the product super accessible. 


What does it mean to have a powerful wand? Well, you would be surprised to know that more power or heavy vibration doesn’t always mean more pleasure. Discussed over a lovely sushi dinner, Alicia explained to me that it’s not the "power" that makes the difference, but the vibrational frequency the product gives off. High vibrational frequency doesn’t always equal great experience- it finally made so much sense why some massagers feel painful and make me itchy. I remember back in my teenage days buying the most “powerful” wand a shop would offer…but it didn’t make me climax, it makes me wince with pain and just causes overall irritation to my vulva. 

For my body type, that super abrasive vibration just doesn’t do it.

Le Wand is the only want I’ve owned thus far that I feel is incredibly powerful without crossing the bridge to overbearing feeling or irritation. You can start light or high, or build up: a choose your destiny story if you will. 

Let’s Go Wanda

Yes, I named my Le Wand Wanda. 

I always like to pair my Le Wands with a water based lubricant, but this time I wanted something slicker. I used The Butters Cocoa Butter from Peepshow Toys, which is an oil based lubricant (do not use with latex condoms). I had a feeling I would be doing a deep dive in my time with Wanda, so it was smart to use a slicker lube to protect my vulva. 

The 8 foo