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Julieta's Guide to Tulum!

Ask, and you shall receive! The Julieta Chiara Guide to Tulum is here! After 10 months of living in Tulum, Mexico - my Instagram and all forms of contact get flooded with folks asking how to have my experience while they visit.

I will preface this guide by saying it's MY EXPERIENCE. I am not your spiritual guru, your energy master, or involved in the ultra healing community that many come to Tulum for.

This guide is for someone who wants a really cool adventure, parties, and wants to do it responsibly. Having the best time, I guide you on how I navigate my favorite spots, touring around, best practices on partying, what to avoid, handling things like police and fake spiritual crowds, and daily needs.

I hope this guide finds you well, and I hope you enjoy my experiences just as much as I do. While you're here, make sure to explore and make your own! Even I haven't cracked the surface of all the magic this place has to offer.

Love you, degenerates!

Julieta Chiara's Unorthodox Guide to Tul
Download • 11.53MB

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