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Intimate cleansing

You’re about to get it on, your'e self conscious about the way you smell, so you buy products to put on your pussy to make it smell like flowers… right? Thats where you're wrong. 


There seems to be a massive fad with “intimate cleansing” when quite frankly, as a vagina owner, you really don’t need all these products to keep your pussy healthy and fresh. 

It has been years since I've used an intimate cleanser, but went ahead and tried out Sliquid’s Splash Intimate Cleanser since it was sent to me. Having had amazing experiences with Sliquid's products, that promise not to mess up your PH levels or irritate your vagina, I was surprised to see the opposite. With this cleanser, which was strictly applied to my vulva, I ended up having a reaction that left me feeling uncomfortable for probably 2-3 days. Scared of having a yeast infection, I was happy that the irritation eventually went away. 

Whats the deal?

So what does this mean? Well ladies, you need to stop buying into the idea that you need to heavy duty clean your vagina. Your vagina is a self cleaning machine, and it has very sensitive PH levels that can be thrown off by anything that isn’t water. You can definitely clean your vulva, the outside of your vagina, but under no circumstance should you be trying to clean yourself internally. Even with cleansing just your vulva, you are still vulnerable to disruption and irritation. Thats why I tread very carefully when trying condoms, lubes, wet wipes, ect. Also remember that constantly wearing non cotton panties, and tight yoga pants can also cause bacteria to be trapped when you are trying to self clean. I cringe every time I hear women talk about douching, or using horrible products like Summers Eve- like asking for a yeast infection and vaginal dryness. 

Your pussy is not supposed to smell like flowers. 

It just isn’t- a healthy vagina will usually always have some sort of natural smell. Its normal for that smell to change depending on what part of your cycle you are on, and be stronger around your period. Take it from me, this natural smell is not off-putting and it actually makes most partners go crazy for you. When you try to cover up that smell with fragrances, you are only disrupting the natural PH balances your vagina needs to be healthy. You should only be concerned about the smell if its fishy, and usually accompanied with chunky or discolored discharge. If you find that you smell often, as mentioned in the above paragraph, try switching to cotton panties and actually giving your vagina room to breathe! If a heavy smell doesn't go away, definitely pay a visit to your OBGYN.

But i want to feel clean

I'm not saying you need to avoid products altogether, but you need to be careful. In the shower, its seriously recommended to just use water- fragrances are usually accompanied with alcohol which can heavily irritate you. Of course you can get sweaty and you want to freshen up- that happens in any part of your body and its totally understandable. Wipes and washes can be used for all genders, since no one likes to feel sweaty- but you must ensure they are good products that are genital safe. Even with the best of products though, there isn’t a guarantee you won’t have a reaction + you shouldn’t rely on them as the only way you clean yourself. 

Sadly, Sliquid’s Honey Cucumber wash was uncomfortably strong to the nose, and I had a reaction almost instantly. Luckily, the ingredients are good and I use it as a general body wash, avoiding it passing my vulva altogether. Since I am always on the go and usually hit the gym in between, I do keep wipes on hand just incase.

Reacting violently to Sliquid’s, I'm actually a huge fan of Sweet Spot Wipes and AfterGlow Wipes that are not heavily scented or abrasive. What I personally enjoy about wipes is that they are multi-use: They are awesome for wiping your face at festivals when you're sweaty, public bathrooms, and do a killer job at wiping off lube from your body. When using the wipes, make sure to NEVER put them anywhere near the inside of your vagina. I recommend going over the top of your vulva and inner thighs, which is where you sweat and trap moisture.

Happy Pussy

Like I said earlier, remember that your pussy is magical and comes with everything it needs to clean itself. You are normal for having a natural scent, and need to do the bare minimum to stay fresh. If you choose to use products, experiment to see which ones work with your body chemistry the best.

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