• Julieta Chiara

Insta Q&A: Sex Drive

As a woman, sometimes it may feel like our partner wants sex much more than we do, or our sex drives just aren’t as high as they could be. The anonymous Instagram question asked was: 

 “A topic I would like to see covered is getting/being in the mood. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like guys are always ready to hit the bed whereas girls not as much?”

Girl, I definitely feel you. There are times I want absolutely nothing to do with it, and times my husband seems to be fighting me off. I'm feeling sexy and confident, and any chance I can get to do the deed I’m trying. On the flip side, sometimes it feels like your partner is being relentless and it's annoying the crap out of you. Varying sex drives in relationships are totally normal and can depend on a myriad of things like your hormones, quality of sex and relationship, ect. Contrary to the popular belief (that men always want to hit the bed but ladies not so much), you would be surprised that women have just as high of a sex drive if not more. The thing is you never hear too much about it since in society it has been commonly acceptable to validate male sexuality but put down women who vocalize theirs. This in turn does discourage many women from embracing or showing interest in their sexuality.

there is always room for more sexual desire.

Although a lack of sex drive or ability to get in the mood can be something that is as serious as getting treated by a psychologist or doctor, there are a few things to look at (especially as a female) on why your sex drive may not be as high as your partner, or just low in general. Being a highly sexual woman, I would say that my sex drive in totality is sometimes much higher than my husbands- this can come in the form of sex, play, self-pleasure, thinking about it, you name it. Here are 10 things to think about when wanting to boost your sex drive, because trust me babe, you have the potential to have a higher sex drive than any man you meet. 

1.Take a look at your medication.

Antidepressants and birth control completely killed my sex drive- once I stopped taking both, my sex drive has been in its absolute prime. Medications also have the ability to mess with your sexual functions, like self lubrication or being able to achieve orgasms. Check if any of your meds interact with libido!

2.What turns you on?

You have to be really real with yourself here- what gets you going? What turns you on to the point that you are fully aroused? Now… are you getting that out of your sexual relationship? Its hard to get in the mood when your experiences don’t even interest you.