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Kinks? I got them. It only made sense when Yandy reached out to me about their Hall of Kinks that I would be a willing and thrilled participant. As a bondage, BDSM, and latex fanatic... we are a match made in kinky heaven.

The thing is, kink is widely misunderstood. It's seen as a subculture, or a dirty part of yourself that you shouldn't explore. Ironically, EVERYONE is kinky in their own way. From the way you act around others to the things you do in the bedroom, kink is ALWAYS at play.

I got to indulge in Yandy's wonderful vinyl + bondage selections, and I am so excited to share them with you!

What's Kink?

Kink is usually a blanket term used by folks to describe sex/sexuality that is outside of the "general norm". That also begs the question, what is the norm? What can we actually classify as normal or kinky sexuality? I personally think we are all kinky, since there is no such thing as normal.

Many like myself enjoy the kinky life simply for the thrill - something so outside of your normal that it turns you on. Think about it- it's hot as fuck to slip into a little latex outfit after being in your professional zoom clothing all day. Maybe getting spanked while you're used to dominating your day to day life. Why? Because it's fun. It's a release. It's the fucking spice you've been craving in your otherwise vanilla life.

Kink has a wide range

With society's general view of BDSM/Kink, everyone might think whips, chains, and dungeons - which hell, that's definitely part of it. Kink is so much more - it can be a lifestyle, an attitude, and the way you show yourself to the outside world or to those behind closed doors. Kink can range from something as gentle as holding your partners hand in public, or something more committed like having your partner wear a collar (and you have the key to its lock). It can be as light as a little hair pull or smack on the ass during sex, or get a little wilder experimenting with impact tools and ropes.

Some of my favorite kinks include bondage (BDSM), latex, and impact play. A big part of my kinky life is the fashion that goes into it, and how it makes me feel. Having black, latex, leather, and harnesses makes me feel super sexy & powerful. I mean, how can it not? It set's the scene for my play, even if it's just me solo in the bedroom. Yandy sent me some goodies to help me show you the way.

Impact Play

Impact play is a kinky umbrella term for the action or tools use to "impact" or essentially strike/hit someone with. Impact play doesn't need tools (as your hands can do wonders), but the most common tools one may use would be whips, floggers, or paddles. Depending on the tool you use, some common impact spots can be the butt cheeks, thighs, arms, breasts, and your genitals. Now I get it, the most common thing I get asked is "isn't that painful?". We must remember that the intensity at which you get impacted is up to you, so it can be gentle or intense. We must also realize that when sexually stimulated, our tolerance for pain goes off or vice versa: we can be turned on by pain (it's the exact same area of the brain).

I really love paddles with a leather feel since they clap perfectly against the skin. Here I have Yandy's Playboy Dolly Black Studded Paddle, which is faux leather and silky smooth. These hand-held paddles makes it easy to incorporate casually into sex, and can leave a beautiful love mark on those cheeks. To add to this look, I'm wearing Yandy's super sexy Mesh with my Emotions Bodysuit with the Chain of my Existence Open Cup Bra. Will I be wearing this in public? Absolutely. Even better? Imagine wearing this ensemble underneath your church clothes.


Bondage is typically defined as a form of restraint or "tying up". This can range from anything like ropes, cuffs, tape, silks, and other modalities that help you restrain someone. When looking at bondage, the most common restraints include limbs to limbs, or limbs to objects (like a bedpost or headboard).

My (very obvious) kink is rope bondage, specifically the artistic Japanese version called Shibari. Rope bondage has always been exciting to me since it involves the heavy psychological play of surrendering. When you are the bottom, or the one being tied, you have no option but to relax, submit, and receive all pleasure that may come your way. This can push you out of your comfort zone since you have no control, which is the release I seek. To learn more about starting in rope bondage, check out my Basic Rope Bondage 101!

Yandy sent me their 16ft Bondage Rope made out of 100% cotton which is super silky (yet sturdy) for beginners & experts alike. Since I can't simply do bondage without my ensemble, I slipped into their Vinyl Vengeance Bodysuit to complete my look. I love the absolute juxtaposition of my outfit: I am in a dominant, latex looking outfit ready to be an absolute submissive to the ropes.

16ft of rope is super standard length and perfect for completing essential ties like cuffs, frog-ties, hog ties, and chest/hip harnesses. I chose to give myself an ankle cuff with a ladder tie up my legs: If you haven't tried tying yourself up, you should give it a go. This bodysuit's leg garters & strappy chest ensemble make you look like the perfect bondage queen.

Get Kinky with Me

Are you ready to join the hall of kinks? Items like the outfits and tools I've mentioned above are great for beginner kinklings or experienced kinksters. They simply set the mood, help you feel sexier and naughtier in your approach, and open up the doors to new pleasures. If you're the goody two shoes ready to put a twist to your normy life, welcome babe. Use code "JulietaChiara" to get 20% your Yandy order!

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**This blog is a paid partnership with Yandy.

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