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Goddess Vibes: OmYoni Venus Wand

Dreamy. Feminine. Adventure.

There are a million words to describe using crystals for sexual healing, but I think it can really only be described as a feeling. An internal connection, bond, or epiphany if you would like to call it. 

What Do Crystals Do

Crystals are millions of years old. It’s said that because of crystals natural formation and age, they each carry different frequencies of energy. You know how sound carries a frequency?

Did you know that color itself carries a frequency? Everything in this world carries a energetic frequency, and crystals are incredibly charged. 

Each kind of crystal carries its own energy, and healing properties. To read more about how crystals work, check out

Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is said to be the crystal of love, healing, and releasing trauma. Easily enough, you can see why this is a great crystal to use for sexual healing and touch. When you think about the chakras, our sacral chakra represents our sexuality, our creativity. It is powerful to think that using a crystal wand, you can directly reach this spot in the body vaginally.

Holding this crystal is powerful, and using it internally is even more powerful. Many use rose quartz sexually to help clear sexual blockages, emotional trauma, physical trauma, and most importantly… sexual trauma. 

Om Yoni Packaging

When OmYoni offered to send me the Venus wand, I eagerly obliged because of my obsession with crystals. I love my current wands, and wanted to support a woman ran company that could make wands accessible to everyone in a clear, beautiful, and understanding manner. 

OmYoni's branding is on point- its the goddess experience, the divine feminine. “Unleashing Your Inner Goddess” is something that resonates with me, and all the beautiful ladies in my life who work religiously on their healing and spirituality. 

The two beautiful colors, black and pink, alongside the tube like packaging make this the most official crystal toy to receive. It’s enclosed safely to protect your wand, alongside beautiful disks that give recommendations on how to use your wand, charge it, and take care of it. 

Venus Shape

The shape of the Venus works great for anybody seeking to use this for penetration. It starts narrow, and then works its way up to a wider base- 7 inches in length, and 1.75 inches in width. When using this wand, you can go slow and see what points feel best for you. I love the shape because it can also be used as a massage wand or simply a tool to use during meditations and affirmations. 

OmYoni Venus Experience

I have the intentions of using this wand for releasing pent up emotion or bodily stress. I set the scene by dimming the lights, putting on relaxing music, and lighting a few candles (may or may not have put pieces of chocolate on the side of my bed just because). Since the wand is crystal, it can be cold if you try to insert. I like to take it in between my hands and hold it for about 10 minutes to warm it up, and set my intentions into the crystal. 

Using Uberlube, a silicone based lubricant, I applied a thin coat to protect my vulva and vagina from friction. I started off by gentle running the tip of the wand around my labia, up around my clitoris, and gently massaging my vaginal opening. When I felt ready, I slowly started inserting the wand with slow and shallow strokes. When I felt ready, I worked my way up to slower and deeper strokes, gently letting the tip of the Venus touch my cervix. 

Cervical stimulation can feel really intense, and powerful. It’s said that we hold a lot of emotion in our cervix, which is why it can be painful when touched during masturbation or penetration. I remember a while back, I learned that gently putting rose quartz against your cervix can help you release emotional blocks. While this felt uncomfortable at first, I found that after a few minutes of breathing and going over my affirmations, I felt my cervix completely relax. 

Throughout the course of the next 20 minutes, my vulva and vagina truly felt luscious. I felt a warmness caress my entire pelvic area, as if energy was running through it. I truly felt turned on, as if a partner had given me a long time session of foreplay- when all I was doing is gently moving the Venus back and forth. One thing I always notice with crystal toys is just how wet I get, it’s almost unbelievable. I never thought I could produce so much lubrication, and I had to lay down a towel just to be safe. 

Without clitoral stimulation, waves of pulsating pleasure were being felt throughout my G spot and Clitoris. This is definitely the work of amazing blood flow, and I truly feel that it’s due to crystals energetic properties. Im someone that loves my vibrators, but crystals give me a physical reaction that no toy has ever been able to take me to. It feels incredibly real, tender, and truly… metaphysical. 

Although I didn’t reach climax with Venus, I still had a wonderful hour of healing and play with her. Internal stimulation alone doesn’t make me cum, but the goal when using Venus wasn’t to cum. It was to enjoy, be present, see my body’s reactions, and channel new energy and intentions. 

At the end of my session, I can safely say that the new intention for me was passion. How can I take the passion I felt with Venus, and bring that to all aspects of my life? How can I channel that sexual, goddess energy into everything I do? The journey starts here. 

Cleanse and Charge Your Crystals.

After use, your crystals have absorbed a lot of energy and need to be cleansed and charged, ready for a clean slate to help give you another positive experience. 

Here is a link on how to cleanse and charge your crystals:

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