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G-Kii or OMG? A G Spot Vibe.

3 words. 

G Spot Stimulation. 

Now, in the science field, the G spot has been regarded as some sort of unicorn style myth (because apparently studying women’s bodies is far too difficult). What really is the G spot?

Well my vagina owning friends, it is the delicious stimulation of the internal side of your clitoris. 

As pictured, your clitoris is a massive glad that has many parts and really harnesses a big portion your pubic area. The outer portion of the clitoris, which is what we can see, is really just the tip of the ice berg. Even better? The only purpose of the clitoris is to provide pleasure, and thats pretty fucking magical in my opinion. 

For years, I always heard about the G spot through Cosmo articles, but it was never really explained. Apparently your partner could hit it with their penis or fingers, but for some reason it always did nothing for me. That is, until I understood how clitoral stimulation works from the inside. 

The real shape:

It wasn’t until I owned my first super curved toy, the NJoy Pure Wand, that I finally felt this illusive and unique feeling of the “G Spot”. Described about 3/4 of your fingers in, a spongy and gushy feeling area, surprise: its located behind your external clitoris, because it is part of the clitoris. 

What they don’t tell you, is that the odds of a penis being shaped perfectly to hit this area are astronomically low. Even if you are hitting the right area, the clitoris is like a violin: you must know how to play it with melody and rhythm. No two fingers could possibly put the rhythm and pressure I personally needed for G spot stimulation, but the NJoy Pure wand did. It was extra curved, heavy, and the ball like head was an easy probe for pleasure. 

We all need support

Even though I discovered my internal clitoris worked quite well, that isn’t to say I don’t need external clitoral stimulation. Pairing the wand with a vibrator, I was mind blown to discover a different kind of orgasm. The orgasm I experienced is one an old school doctor would classify as a “Vaginal Orgasm”. This orgasm felt much deeper, and radiated inside of me - even going through to my butt cheeks. This was the internal clitoral orgasm I had yet to have, because no human could achieve the desired shape and technique needed to provoke this magic. 

When analyzing, it came down to two things: Pressure, and Curve. Which toys will provide pressure and curve? What is the easiest thing for me to hold in my hand? Although I love the Njoy Pure Wand like a child, my other hand can get exhausted holding a vibrator. 

Jejoue G-Kii

Jejoue knows I love vibrators, so they suggested I try their G-Kii vibe as something unique in my collection. G-Kii has a funky look, unlike one I have never seen before. One thing we can’t deny, is that Je Joue has the most beautiful packaging of all time- I mean, look at the vibrancy of the colors? It’s very much like opening pandoras box, and certainly not something your seedy, local sex shop would be able to carry from its glory. 

Like a flexible handle G-Kii can have a slight curve, or be bent fully like a C to provide intense pressure against the G Spot. What is the plot twist? Not only is it customizable to your shape, but it also vibrates against your external clitoris with its base- taking away the labor of your spare hand.

Made of ultra soft silicone, this toy can be much more inviting to the typical user vs a stainless steel toy, which takes some getting used to. The biggest plus is it actually offers vibration, with 5 speeds and 7 different patterns. 

Personally, I love that the shape and look is so unique and non-phallic. Not only is it inviting, but it is a great toy to use for all genders in a safe and exploring matter.

Super Sonic Orgasm

Since G Kii is silicone, I used one of my favorite water based lubricants for the moment: Intimate Earth Defense. Given that the curve of this toy can be very extreme, I like to start off with a longer curve. 

Turning on the lowest vibration of setting, I take my time when slowly working G-Kii into my vagina. Im mindful of the vibrations, which are making blood flow come to my vulva and feel ultra sensitive. Given its unique insertable shape, it was delightful to play around with gliding the tip around your clitoris, vulva, while adding gentle strokes into your vagina. 

Once I felt warmed up enough, I clicked on the toy’s side button which helped it make a C shaped curve. Once inserted, there was no denying that this curve was intense: I felt delightful pleasure on my clitoris from the outside and the inside! While not as heavy as the Njoy Pure wand, it’s unique shape was still sturdy enough to give me the feel I was looking for. 

I'm not one for patterns on vibrators, so I didn’t really explore those. I ramped up the vibration now that I had the toy in its complete curve….

I felt like I may have cheated on my Njoy Pure Wand. Although it's also the love of my life, the consistent stimulation internally and externally from this toy, combined with deep vibrations, really sent my entire body off the edge. 

For a split second I felt the vibrations of pleasure travel through my lower stomach, butt cheeks, and even radiate down my legs. Some may refer to that as a super sonic orgasm.

Clearly, we should never question the capacity of a person’s clitoris, for we keep discovering it’s orgasmic potential through meticulous and varied forms of stimulation. 

The best things aren't always obvious

Given the shape and look, you wouldn’t expect this toy to be as thrilling as it truly is. As someone who is continuously discovering their capacity for pleasure, I was delightfully shocked with the results. This mechanical innovation is actually an internal clitoris’s best friend, and a visual beauty.

What do you need? Vibes? Pressure? Curve? Clitoral Stimulation from both ends? Clearly, this toy was made with every vulva in mind. 

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