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Fun Factory Cayona/Pearl

If there is anything I really love in life, its Europe and incredible, sexual vibrations- and Fun Factory is here to deliver. 

Well let me tell ya, this German company ironically founded on my birth year sure knows how to tickle me the right way. 

As I have been evolving in my sexuality, I am starting to finally enjoy internal stimulation when self pleasuring. I used to only be able to get off through outer clitoral stimulation, and now through some proper vaginal mapping, I am touching in on my internal pleasure as well.

The G- Spot is magical, and I can’t believe it took me this long to start loving it so much. 

From the smooth movements of the Lelo Ina Wave, I was definitely open to trying some more internal fun- as long as it stimulates my clitoris from the outside as well. While the one I have isn’t exactly the Cayona, its about the same model other than a few aesthetic tweaks.

The Toy:

First off, this toy is all inclusive which I love. It can be used comfortably for penis and vagina owners, providing amazing stimulation to clitoris, anus, nipples, vagina, penis, literally whatever you feel like using it for. Being a beautiful light green, it provides a nice contrast to the incredible amount of purple/pink toys I have- I want the whole rainbow! 

Coming in hot with a magnetic charger, you don’t need to worry about plugging this toy in the traditional way. Even better? All fun factory toys use the same charger, so you don’t need to lug around 4-5 chargers just to have fun!

Lets get it

It's ironic that you think its slight curve wouldn’t really target your G spot, but it absolutely does. The length and width provides perfect penetration without being distracting or uncomfortable, and the pearl like structure feels like a constant push right on your clitoris. The silicone is extremely bendable and soft, so it doesn’t feel stiff when imitating any thrusting motions or trying to put pressure against certain areas in/out of your vagina. With good, quiet vibrations, the toy is not overwhelming or unbearable to use with constant rhythm.

The biggest perk of this toy is its motor structure. Not only can you feel the vibrations heavily on the clitoris, but the motor is powerful enough to provide the same strength of vibration internally. Not only was my G spot hot and bothered, but I was able to reach orgasm with barely any stimulation of the clitoris externally. The orgasm was different from most, feeling like a longer and slower burn- a nice mix up from smaller, more explosive orgasms. 

I mean.. Hell Yeah

After using this toy, I think that those with sensitive vaginas, or those who suffer from painful sex, may benefit from regularly using this toy. It gives internal stimulation that isn’t daunting since its a conservative size, the vibrations aren’t overwhelming, clitoral stimulation is targeted appropriately, and the actual toy is incredibly soft and flexible. 

Paired with a good lube (Try Pjur Med Natural Glide) which PS... this one feels just like a vaginas natural lubrication. This is actually a great toy to take on vacations or keep in your purse for extracurricular activities. I would be very excited to try this with a partner and perhaps explore other parts of my body with it- but I will have to keep you guys updated!

You can purchase Fun Factory's Cayona here- and make sure to use code JULIETA for $10 off your purchase. Vibe on lovelies!

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