• Julieta Chiara

Fun Cups by fun factory

What is this funny little cup and what do you do with it? That was the most common reaction I received when posting a picture of my blue Fun Cup from Fun Factory. Sent to me by MedAmour, I could only expect the highest quality caliber of sexual health products.

I was thrilled to see Fun Factory making menstrual cups that are not only shaped correctly, but are gender neutral ("Diva Cup"can be triggering for some) and come in different sizes. For those of you that don’t know, a menstrual cup is a replacement for tampons and pads. Neatly put into your vagina and cupping your cervix, the cup catches all blood and can be left in for 12 hours at a time. It is healthier, more sanitary, and provides an easy clean up (when done properly).

It is no secret that typical tampons in grocery stores have harmful chemicals that can actually make cramps worse, or even cause certain cancers. Pads… well, let's not get started there. They are basically adult diapers at best, and don’t do much in terms of cleanliness! There have been alternatives like organic tampons and special period underwear, but why not eliminate all this mess with just one cup to use every time?

I doubted the menstrual cup originally. Having tried the Diva Cup a year ago, I originally threw it away because the shape and design was incredibly uncomfortable- in my opinion, it wasn’t made to fit vaginal canals properly. 

Fun Cup

With Fun Factory making incredible sex toys, I would expect nothing less from their menstrual cup. The shape alone tells you that they had vaginas and function in mind, vs trying to stick in a rigid cup and trying to make it work. Made of the softest silicone that is used in their toys, it dominates the plastic feel of my previous experience. 

The pack comes with two menstrual cups, one bigger and one slightly smaller. What I truly can’t get over is the packaging, and the LOADS of information inside of it. From the technology behind the cup, its benefits, and a very good instructional on how to actually use it- I don’t think it could have been any clearer that this cup might be the end all to my menstrual struggles.


Having a very light flow (1-3 days max), I wasn’t sure if a menstrual cup would even be necessary in my case. Given the flow is light, I also have to move away from tampons since there simply isn’t enough blood to soak one- this often times leaves me feeling dry, scratched up, and restricted in my movements. A pad isn’t an option because I go commando 90% of the time, sorry folks. 

As instructed, I put a small amount of lube on the cup for insertion and folded it into position. Now, putting this cup in for the first time is like rocket science- you have no idea what the hell you are doing. They told me to insert as far as possible, and see if I could feel my cervix to make sure the cup has expanded properly inside of me.

Yes thats right, feel my cervix: If you haven’t felt your cervix lately, you are going to LEARN. I found the easiest way for me to insert the cup was in a squatting position, as it dropped my cervix much closer to my vaginal opening. It takes some maneuvering to get the cup to unfold, but that wonderful little tip at the end of the cup is so easy to grip and help adjust. After I had inspected my entire vagina and couldn’t feel my Cervix, I felt secure to go (and super familiar with my insides).


After standing up, I was so surprised to feel absolutely nothing! Usually when you put in a tampon, you can easily identify that there is something inside of you. Since this neat little cup sits on your cervix, your vagina isn’t being bothered at all. I mean, it also helps that Fun Factory has the softest silicone ever- a complete 180 experience to the diva cup.