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Feel The Squish: Oxballs Ergo Booty Plugs

Whether you're novice or an anal play expert, we can all agree on one thing: We want comfy things to put in our ass, and safe ones at that. With the softest silicone ever and wide size variety: Peepshow Toys Exclusive Oxballs Ergo Plugs may be your perfect fit (lol, pun intended).

Shopping for butt plugs really can be a pain in the ass: What do I buy? What size is right? What material works best for my needs?


Plugs can come in a variety of materials: primarily in the form of silicone, metal, and glass. While I am a huge fan of Metal and Glass (usually for their density), I wouldn't exactly say they are friendly for those just getting into anal play or looking to stretch/ long term wear. I almost always recommend having a silicone butt plug as a key player in your tool box because of their versatility. Silicone is flexible and can move with your body, making it feel more seamless with your positions.


Sizing is especially subjective. You can get plugs as small as thumbs, and get ones that are bigger than a someones arm. This really does prove that your sphincter is a miraculously flexible muscle, and exploring the right amount of stretch is truly exciting. Smaller plugs can be good for starter or long wear (wearing a butt plug around your day to day activities can be very stimulating). You may also be training for bigger sizes or "stretching" as many of us do to get used to larger partners in anal penetration. In this case, I highly recommend a training kit or size variety plugs to build your way up.

Plug City w/ Oxballs Ergo Plugs

Oxballs is notorious for their super soft platinum silicone, which they use to make a variety of body-safe products. Their selection of products highly caters to our penis owning friends, which I truly appreciate. As for their butt plug selection, well, that's for everyone.

Anal is an equal opportunity employer.

Peepshow Toys collaborated with Oxballs to make an exclusive sized set of the Ergo Plugs in famous BlueBalls Blue (so sparkly, so shiny, ahhhh!). Ranging from Extra Small to Extra Large, there is a size for EVERYONE (Plus if you want to try stretching, you can get all 5 as a training set!). The super unique "kidney" shape and the curved base match your anatomy, claiming to be comfy for all day wear and sit nicely in your crack: hell yeah, baby.

Disclaimer: I'm Not A Size Queen

I'll tell your right from the get go that although I received every size of these plugs, I was not able to make it past X-Small and Small. Small was already a huge stretch for me considering anal play hasn't been very frequent in my cards lately. While I admire the beauty and squishy goodness of the larger sizes, my body cannot handle that caliber of stretch quite yet. We are all built differently, and that's the glory of pleasure!

Unique Insertion

Peepshow Toys weren't lying, these are by far the squishiest and softest plugs I have ever owned. They are firm, but super flexible- it's hard not to squeeze them all day as a form of entertainment, especially during this quarantine. Traditionally my silicone butt plugs have been much firmer, which isn't always the best for insertion (relaxing your ass and trying to insert something solid isn't always a flow like experience).

They also sent me over The Butters Cocoa Butter Lubricant, which they highly recommended for anal play given it's incredibly slick consistency. I honestly love to use it for everything, including my dry ass hands from so much hand washing. After doing my cleansing routine, I covered the X-Small plug with The Butters, and then used some of The Butters to put on myself and gently warm myself up with my fingers.

There is no doubt that the shape is very unique: Although ultra soft, I did find insertion to be a bit difficult since there isn't a pronounced point like most plugs have. This did require me to do a lot of relaxing in my body through breathe work and positioning. I find that the easiest way to insert a plug is laying down on my side, with my opposite leg bent towards my chest. Breathe in, and as you breathe out, gentle start inserting.

With the shape, you feel the stretch immediately. This is definitely sensational right from the get go, and stimulating AF! Even though the insertion was tricky, the shape allowed the rest of the toy to glide in without any abrupt nooks or bumps.

Become One w/ The Plug

Ergo definitely makes you feel full, in the best of ways. The kidney shape puts an adequate amount of pressure behind your vagina, making any stimulation to your vulva or vagina about 10x more sensitive than usual. Seriously, if you haven't masturbated with a plug in: now is your time to shine!

I wanted to test out the plugs moving comfortability, so I stood up and walked around my apartment. Let's just say this was a fucking sensational walk, and I loved every minute of it. At no point did the plug feel uncomfortable, or like it was going to fall out. The thin, curved base fulfilled its claim of nestling right in between my cheeks without causing any distractions to the main show.

Once comfy with the X Small plug, I laid back down on my side to remove and try the size Small. Maybe I'm just a big baby, but that definitely felt like a HUGE stretch to me- one that required a few more long, deep breathes to insert. Once inside, I definitely enjoyed the feeling of fullness and the sensitivity it brought to my vulva. When standing up, this one did feel a bit uncomfortable to walk around with. Instead of trying to do any fancy activities with the butt plugs, I decided to go back to my OG goal: getting my orgasm.

I laid back, put on a film, and enjoyed this plug with the help of Le Wand's Feel My Power Special Edition Massager. Let me tell you, an orgasm with a plug in can be felt EVERYWHERE. It radiates through your butt cheeks, down your legs, and into your chest- we highly underestimate just how sensitive our booties are.

Say Yes to the Squish

I absolutely fell in love with the material of this butt plug, and the shape. It's ERGOnomics (lol) are made for the comfort of the human body, and the stimulation was absolutely pristine. It's very hard for traditional plugs to achieve a feeling of fullness, which ends up being my absolute favorite quality of this product. I could imagine that for those looking to build size, this set of plugs would absolutely be the holy grail.

Moving easily with the body, I would highly recommend these plugs to beginners as well because of the squishy and soft silicone that is non-abrasive. Make sure to pair with an oil or water based lubricant for penetration, your booty doesn't self lubricate!

For You

I recommend taking a peek through Peepshow Toys impressive selection of unique, body-safe toys (and especially their BDSM gear!).

You can use the code JULIETA for 10% off your purchase at

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