• Julieta Chiara


I can still feel the butterflies that filled in my stomach as we were walking through the hallways of the bleachers, almost ready to embark on our EDC journey. My heart was pounding as I could literally feel my eyes fill with happy tears, and my body with a blanket of relief: I was home. I had flashbacks of years before… the endless amounts of lights, the fireworks, the music, the absolute incredible view of the entire speedway, consumed by brightness and absolute madness- a true adult wonderland, and a token of personal liberation in my life. I have attended 4 EDCs in a row, and my love for electronic music and raving started when I was very young- but thats too long to get into now. I treat EDC as my New Years, since its always brought along beautiful experiences and lessons: I kicked off a relationship with a beautiful man my first year, got married there the second year, and the third year still had a great time connecting with all my friends.

This year was such a different experience for me, and has been the most meaningful EDC yet. As many of you know, I am now divorced- which made EDC a topic of anxiety for me considering I got married there. I felt scared going to the very place that brought us together, the very place that symbolized our love. The year prior, I had a very hard time enjoying EDC due to the group I was with, and the long list of mishaps that went down during the event... I was so stressed, on edge, sad- I thought I had lost the meaning of raving, and that made me really disappointed. I had reached out to connect with one of my friends, Tyson Dayley, to see if we could unite forces and go to EDC with his group of friends. Being the incredible friend he is, he took me in with open arms and we planned our adventures together alongside with our friends Ric and Kristen, and one more friend who chooses to remain anonymous.


Much to my surprise, our anonymous friend surprised me with the gift of a VIP ticket for this years festivities. That is such a massive gift to me, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have experienced this new area of EDC that I hadn’t done years prior. My friend group completely recharged and reset my mindset in a time of despair- they encouraged positive thinking and vibrations, the importance of expressing your feelings and supporting each other, and the intent to have a fun, healthy, and meaningful EDC together as at team. I finally rekindled the feelings of love and passion I once had for raving, and knew that this year would be a magical, and soul setting experience. Even if you combined my past 3 years of EDC together, it could never amount to how importantly magical this year came to be.


The entire point of EDC is to be free in yourself, and be fully accepting and accepted for who you are. That being said, anyone who goes to EDC will tell you how much fun it is to make fun, bright, and creative outfits to highlight your personality and add artistic flare. For Day 1 I chose a holographic rainbow bodysuit from Your Lamode, with a heart shaped choker, and the festival staple: fanny pack. I love bodysuits because they are the most comfortable when you are dancing all night, and truly are the most flattering on all body types.

My second night, I chose to get kinky and wear holographic high waist spandex shorts, violet pasties, and a leather and chain harness- this was my favorite outfit of the weekend, as well as a crowd favorite. It may look exposing to some, but EDC is very open minded and wearing just pasties is very casual. There is nothing sexual about it, its just another style of fashion in the rave scene! I am very grateful to be part of a community that celebrates females, their bodies, and however they choose to portray themselves. In my years of raving, I have never been sexually harassed or objectified- comes to show that is strictly a societal issue.

My third night I adorned myself with crystal pasties and body stickers, while wearing a holographic micro bikini and mermaid blue holographic high waist shorts. This one really felt EDC vibes to me, since it portrait all the bright colors and happy vibes- not to mention extremely comfortable. 

Production, and the VIP experience.